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Getting the SSD Benefits You Deserve

Getting the SSD Benefits You Deserve

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 31st, 2017

For many hard-working Americans, developing an illness or injury that prevents them from working is a stressful scenario. Many people in Alabama and throughout the country depend on their paychecks every week to stay on top of their bills and to get their loved ones fed, clothed, and sheltered. That’s why losing their ability to do […]

3 Common Causes of Drug Injuries

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 24th, 2017

If you were recently prescribed a prescription medication, you’re probably not thinking about how it could make you feel worse. Unfortunately, that’s a reality for many people in Alabama and throughout the U.S. Prescription medications are released to the market after extensive research and development, including multiple phases of testing on human volunteers to determine efficacy and […]

Car Accidents Rise When Daylight Savings Ends

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 17th, 2017

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, clocks will roll back one hour as daylight saving time ends. For many people, that extra hour of sleep is a welcome addition to their weekend. But data shows that moving the clocks back one hour and the subsequent earlier sunset can result in increased risks for […]

2 Steps to Take If You Suspect Environmental Injury

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 10th, 2017

For decades, millions of Americans were at risk of developing serious injuries and illnesses due to unsafe products used in buildings and at workplaces. Government regulations have banned or heavily restricted the usage of many unsafe substances, including asbestos and lead. But some children and adults are still exposed to them, especially if they spend […]

Beware of Rollover Accidents

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 3rd, 2017

Rollover crashes are among the most dangerous types of car accidents. Drivers and passengers who are involved in these types of crashes are significantly more likely to suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries than occupants of vehicles that are involved in almost any other type of accident. In many cases, fatal rollover injuries occur when passengers are […]

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