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Kids with ADHD More Prone to Pedestrian Injury, Finds Study

Kids with ADHD More Prone to Pedestrian Injury, Finds Study

by Norris Injury Lawyers | July 26th, 2011

July 26, 2011

Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are more likely to suffer an injury at a crosswalk, finds a University of Alabama at Birmingham study. Researchers discovered that children with ADHD behave the same when crossing a crosswalk but that they make riskier choices—smaller gaps of traffic and less time to spare–when determining when to cross a street.

The study used an interactive virtual environment and tasked each child 15 times with deciding when to cross a street. Researchers looked at 78 children aged seven to 10—half with ADHD, half without. Those on medication were required to stop taking it 24 hours prior to the study. Seventy-one-percent of the children were boys, and those with and without ADHD were matched in terms of gender, age, and ethnicity.

“Crossing the street safely requires the ability to plan and to inhibit responses such as darting into the street under unsafe conditions, both abilities controlled by the executive system and shown as central impairments in children with ADHD-C,” the researchers wrote.

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Do you think a child’s history of ADHD should be taken into account when a child is injured at a crosswalk?

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