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No injuries in Anniston auto accident

No injuries in Anniston auto accident

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 14th, 2010

October 14, 2010

Though we may have control of our driving skills, we can’t always control our vehicles.

Unfortunately, an Anniston auto accident occurred when a car’s brakes failed, causing a woman and an officer with the Calhoun-Cleburne Drug and Violent Crime Task Force to be involved in the crash.

According to the Anniston Star, the Anniston auto accident occurred on Golden Springs Road when a 47-year-old woman driving a 1999 Ford Explorer noticed her brakes were failing. She sped through multiple lanes of traffic, eventually striking the officer, resulting in the Anniston auto accident.

Neither the woman nor the officer was injured as a result of the Anniston auto accident which occurred at the intersection of Henry Road and Golden Springs Road.

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Some are not as fortunate to escape Anniston auto accidents uninjured. Have you ever been involved in an Anniston auto accident? Did you suffer Alabama auto accident injuries? Tell the Anniston auto accident lawyers at Norris Injury Lawyers about your loss.

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