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Lawsuit Filed After Students Exposed to Dangerous Chemicals

Lawsuit Filed After Students Exposed to Dangerous Chemicals

by Norris Injury Lawyers | January 27th, 2015

Exposure to certain chemicals can result in victims suffering serious harm. That’s why the Birmingham environmental injury lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers say a group of public school students have filed a lawsuit against the City of Birmingham, the Birmingham Police Department, and several officers, stemming from their use of chemical sprays to control students.

The student claim that school resource officers frivolously used mace and pepper spray to get students to adhere to orders. In one case, a student who had been sexually assaulted and was four months pregnant was sprayed in an effort to get her to stop her inconsolable crying. This isn’t the only incident, though. According to The Huffington Post, as many as 300 students in the school district have been sprayed with pepper spray or mace since 2006, while another 1,250 are believed to have been exposed to toxic chemicals from the spray.

The school district has denied any wrongdoing and went on to state it would defend the actions of the officers and the policies of the school district.

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we know the dangers that can be associated with exposure to harmful chemicals. That’s why our team of Birmingham personal injury lawyers is hopeful a decision in this particular case will help bring closure to students and their families.



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