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Toxic Dangers May Be Lurking In Household Dust

Toxic Dangers May Be Lurking In Household Dust

by Norris Injury Lawyers | December 11th, 2012

Dec. 11, 2012

Millions of Americans may be exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis in their own homes. Alabama Public Radio reports that household furniture commonly contains flame-retardants proven to be harmful to a person’s health.

A study published by Environmental Science and Technology found that 85 percent of the couches that researchers tested contained at least one flame retardant, with many having been treated with either penta-BDE’s or TDCPP. Both chemicals are carcinogenic and may lead to Birmingham environmental injuries such as thyroid dysfunction and lowered sperm quality.

Another study found flame-retardants in the dust of 75 percent of the homes tested.

The chemicals are used to treat furniture because of a California law requiring couches to be capable of resisting small open flames.

This recent research has caused California to reconsider the law. However, it does little to protect those who already have furniture containing the toxins in their homes. Experts say the best way to limit exposure is to dust and vacuum using equipment with HEPA filters on a regular basis.

The Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers know that a toxic exposure injury can cause lasting effects on a person’s life, and the firm suggests discussing your legal rights with a qualified attorney if you have been harmed by contact with a harmful substance.

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