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Social Security Disability Lawyers Discuss Appealing a Denied Claim

Social Security Disability Lawyers Discuss Appealing a Denied Claim

by Norris Injury Lawyers | April 21st, 2015

You’ve been struggling for months to make ends meet after being left unable to work due to an injury or medical condition. Then, you receive an envelope in the mail. It’s from the Social Security Administration. You had applied for benefits months ago and were awaiting a decision ever since.

Unfortunately, more than six out of every ten Social Security Disability claims are denied—meaning there’s a greater chance your claim will be denied than approved.

But the Social Security Disability lawyers at Norris Injury Lawyers say there is hope with the appeals process. Our attorneys explain that if you receive a Social Security Disability denial, you have a legal right to file an appeal.

According to the Social Security Administration, there are four steps to the appeals process. First, an adjustor will reconsider your claim. If they still feel like you don’t deserve benefits, you can have your case reviewed by an administrative judge. If the denial stays, your case may be heard before a panel of judges before being considered by a federal judge.

An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected during the appeals process. At Norris Injury Lawyers, our Birmingham personal injury lawyers are ready to help. Feel free to call us anytime at (888) 318-4245 for a free case consultation.


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