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USDA Issues Food Recommendations After Deadly Alabama Storms

USDA Issues Food Recommendations After Deadly Alabama Storms

by Norris Injury Lawyers | January 24th, 2012

January 24, 2012

In the wake of the devastating storms that ripped through parts of Alabama earlier this week, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued recommendations on food safety for affected areas. According to ABC 33/40 News, the agency issued the warnings in an effort to prevent food borne illnesses and public health risks associated with spoiled foods.

To Prepare Foods For Weather Emergencies:

  • Keep a thermometer in refrigerators and freezers to gauge food safety.
  • Freeze containers of water to keep food cold in case of a power outage.
  • Freeze leftovers, fresh meats, and milk in case of power outages.

Steps For Food Safety Following A Weather Emergency:

  • Never taste food to determine if it has gone bad.
  • Do not drink bottled water that has been exposed to flood waters.
  • Discard all food not in waterproof containers if it has come into contact with floodwater. Discard wooden cutting boards, plastic utensils, baby bottle caps and pacifiers that have been exposed.
  • Canned and packaged foods may be salvaged if in tact.
  • Frozen foods that still have ice crystals, are under 40-Degrees, and still have packaging intact may be salvageable.
  • Discard of any fresh meats, poultry, fish, cheeses, milk, eggs, leftovers, and deli items after four hours without power.

The Alabama personal injury lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers would like to send their condolences to the families of those who were lost in the storms and hope these tips will keep residents safe from food borne illness.

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