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Accusations of Alabama Sexual Harassment in a State Prison

Accusations of Alabama Sexual Harassment in a State Prison

by Norris Injury Lawyers | January 28th, 2014

Sexual harassment charges arise when someone makes unwanted sexual advances towards another person. In many cases, aggressors have a position of authority over their victims. The Birmingham Sexual Harassment Lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers explain that sexual harassment allegations have come to light at the Julia Tutwiler Prison following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Reports from state the investigation was launched in April 2013 . Officials discovered hundreds of incidents of sexual harassment and abuse that could be documented as far back as 1995. Investigators used interviews, prison documents, and other testing to identify 36 employees at the facility as perpetrators.

Misbehavior included, but was not limited to, staff members watching female inmates shower, exchanging sexually explicit correspondences with inmates, and in some cases, having unauthorized sexual contact with inmates.

Inmates who were interviewed stated that if they failed to cooperate with staff members, they would be subjected to punishment such as being placed in segregation or receiving written violations of the rules.

Alabama officials say they are working to address the issues discovered at the facility.

The Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers are aware of how difficult overcoming sexual harassment can be, and they are here to help anyone who believes they have been the victim of such actions.

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