Alabama Contaminated Soil Injury

EPA Works to Remove Contaminated Soil From Birmingham Park

by Norris Injury Lawyers | September 10th, 2013

September 10, 2013

The Alabama Environmental Injury Lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers state that one of the most common ways citizens can be exposed to harmful contaminants is by soil contamination. Studies have shown that victims can be affected by these contaminants through simple exposure or through food or water that have absorbed dangerous chemicals from the ground.

In an effort to prevent such dangerous exposure to harmful industrial chemicals in a Birmingham neighborhood, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun removing topsoil from a park. Reports from indicates that soil testing conducted at Maclin Park determined the ground contained higher than normal levels of industrial metals, including traces of lead.

The testing determined that the contaminated dirt was brought in from another location and was limited to certain areas in the park, specifically ball fields in the area.

The EPA is continuing its investigation into the origins of the contaminated soil and says it plans to hold an open town meeting to discuss the test results and the corrective action that has been taken.

Norris Injury Lawyers’ team of Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers is aware of how harmful exposure to toxic soil can be, and they would encourage anyone who believes they have been harmed by contamination in the ground to contact an attorney to discuss their legal options.