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Dietary Supplements May Put Users at Risk of Health Complications

by Staff Blogger | July 17th, 2012

July 17, 2012

With more Americans than ever recognizing the importance of exercise, some have turned to herbal and synthetic supplements to get the results they are looking for faster. However, recent research has found that some of these products may be doing more harm than good.

DMAA, short for dimethylamylamine, is a chemical found in some dietary supplements used by those looking to build muscle and lose fat. The effects are stimulant-like and have been known to cause such health complications as narrowing of blood vessels and increases in blood pressure that can result in a heart attack.

Pre-workout boosters and fat burners are also known to cause negative side effects associated with their stimulant effect ranging from heart palpitations and rhythm abnormalities to heart attacks.

In response to the growing risks and dangers of a Birmingham Drug Injury associated with these products, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been cracking down on manufacturers of these products to ensure their procedures are meeting standards and regulations established by the agency. The FDA issued a press release this past Friday announcing it was seeking to halt production of a dietary supplement manufacturer after the failed to meet federal manufacturing guidelines.

The Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers would encourage anyone who takes a dietary supplement to educate themselves on the ingredients of the product to ensure its safety prior to ingesting it.