Alabama Move Over Law

Alabama Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Importance of the “Move Over” Law

by Norris Injury Lawyers | January 20th, 2015

Laws are in placebto keep everyone on our Alabama’s highways safe. However, it seems as though many motorists are failing to abide by a regulation—known as the “Move Over” law—designed to protect emergency workers and responders, which increases the probability of serious Alabama car accidents.

The “Move Over” law requires that all traffic move one lane over from all stopped emergency vehicles that have their lights activated on highways with four or more lanes. If moving over is unsafe, motorists are expected to slow down to at least 15 mph under the posted speed limit.

WAFF News explains that on smaller roadways—like those with only two lanes—drivers are expected to slow down to 15 mph below the speed limit and to also move over as far as possible in the road without crossing into oncoming lanes. If the speed limit on the road you are traveling is 20 mph or less, you should simply get over as far as possible while traveling no faster than 10 mph

Despite these rules, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency says officers and troopers see drivers fail to adhere to the regulations “on a regular basis.”

The Birmingham personal injury attorneys with Norris Injury Lawyers encourage all motorists to keep our state’s “Move Over” laws in mind to help keep emergency responders safe.