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Settlements Reached in Alabama Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Settlements Reached in Alabama Wrongful Death Lawsuits

by Norris Injury Lawyers | April 8th, 2014

When a person is killed as the result of someone else’s negligence, the family of the victim has a right to seek compensation for their loss from the responsible party. This legal right was underscored by a settlement recently reached in several Alabama Wrongful Death lawsuits filed against the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) by the families of seven service members who died while under the care of the organization.

According to an article from, there were five Alabama cases listed in an examination of court records conducted by the Center for Investigative Reporting. Their research showed the VA to be responsible for each of those deaths.

In five cases, the VA was found to have failed to monitor or treat patient for medical conditions. In another case, a medication error led to a veterans death, while failure to diagnose a condition or illness was responsible for claiming another Alabama service member’s life.

The VA and the families of these victims were able to reach settlements that will lay the disputes to rest, with awards ranging from $15,000 to $219,000.

The Alabama Personal Injury Lawyers with Norris Injury Lawyers are aware of how devastating it can be to lose a loved one to another person’s hands, which is why the firm is hopeful the settlements will bring a sense of closure to the families of the victims.

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