Our lives and careers are dedicated to representing those suffering unjust injuries, and we have designed this legal practice with your unique needs in mind.

Our client-centered approach to your personal injury case means:

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Taking care of our clients is the number one priority at Norris Injury Lawyers.
Read the Google Reviews from some of our past clients below.

Christina Sloan
Christina Sloan
The staff at Norris made an incredibly difficult time so much easier. They are kind and compassionate, truly caring about people and not just a legal outcome. I never felt like I was a burden with all my questions - everyone I was in contact with there went out of their way to make sure I was heard and supported. If you need a lawyer, Norris needs to be your first call.
I’m thoroughly impressed with the experience I’ve had including having all my questions addressed. The confidence I have in navigating this claim after speaking with Sky is much appreciated. I appreciate everything more than you will ever realize! Thanks so much!
Gabbie Scott
Gabbie Scott
Norris Injury Lawyers is the place to go if you have a personal injury claim. All the staff are super kind and knowledgeable. The attorneys speak to you like you are a friend rather than a client. They are all good, honest people. I’ve come in contact with other attorneys before who have “stuck their nose up” at me and talk to me like I am not human and that is definitely not an issue here. I would give them 100/5 stars if I could. I have the absolute most respect for these people.
Britt Davis
Britt Davis
Great staff that are attentive and focused on helping! Highly recommend!
Isabelle Berry
Isabelle Berry
Norris Injury Lawyers are very trustworthy, knowledgeable and kind. They will give you the utmost respect and care in every matter.
Alexis Rivas
Alexis Rivas
Norris Injury Lawyers is a great firm. Everyone there was so helpful and explained everything in a way that I understood. I recommend them to anyone
carter matthews
carter matthews
Very good firm. Would recommend.
Julie Hadicke
Julie Hadicke
Norris Law Firm is such an Awesome Staff to work with. I am in the final step of an Asbestos claim for my deceased Father. They made all paperwork requests needed easy to get started on this claim and have kept me informed throughout. Each and everyone that I have spoke to over the phone (as I live several states away) has been so pleasant and understanding. So very glad that I chose Norris to handle this case. I praise all that they are doing. Highly recommend.
Sid Smotherman
Sid Smotherman
Contacted Norris Injury Lawyers after we were hit by a car on our motorcycle. We were kept informed of the progress of our case every step of the way. They negotiated a very fair settlement for us. Very happy with the professionalism of everyone at Norris Injury Lawyers.

Experience That Matters

You don’t have to be a powerful insurance company or billion-dollar corporation to get experienced legal help. Our Alabama personal injury lawyers believe that everyone should have access to experienced legal services after an injury or accident—regardless of their ability to pay. That’s why our personal injury attorneys offer our free consultation and our exclusive No Fee Guarantee® . Your initial free consultation and case evaluation is always free, and you don’t owe us a dime unless we get you money. It’s that simple. No upfront costs. No hidden fees.


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Norris Injury Lawyers Will:

  • Help you secure a favorable outcome to make sure you achieve physical and economic recovery—in the shortest time possible and to the fullest extent possible
  • Be prepared to take your claim all the way to court and fight for the best possible result for your case and the highest amount of recovery attainable for your injuries
  • Investigate thoroughly the circumstances of your accident and the extent of your injuries in order to prepare an ironclad claim with a high chance of success
  • Deal professionally with insurance companies and other parties involved in your claim to protect your
    interests and to negotiate a fair and satisfactory settlement for your claim
  • Treat your case with unwavering commitment, dedication, and passion

Frequently Asked Questions

If you were involved in an accident, you likely have many questions. While filing a personal injury claim can answer some of these questions, it can also open the door to more concerns. Most people have never had to navigate the legal system before. At Norris Injury Law, we understand that the process of filing a personal injury claim can be daunting. With this in mind, we have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Can I Afford a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Your budget may already be strained by mounting medical expenses and other unexpected costs in the aftermath of the accident. If injuries prevent you from working, your financial situation is further aggravated. Therefore, contracting an injury attorney may not seem feasible.

Our Alabama personal injury lawyers believe that everyone should have access to experienced legal representation after an injury or accident—regardless of one’s ability to pay. That’s why we offer our trademarked No Fee Guarantee® which includes:

  • Free initial consultation and case evaluation
  • No upfront costs when you hire us
  • No hidden fees throughout the duration of your claim
  • No additional expenses for court representation

In short, you’re only charged for work on your claim if payout of financial compensation is secured—whether by a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company or through a jury’s verdict. The payment for our services will constitute a percentage of the recovery in accordance with relevant Alabama state laws.

Do I really need a personal injury lawyer to help me get fair compensation?

Insurance companies rarely pay victims the settlements they deserve. That’s because their goal is protecting their profits—not helping injured people get the money they need to cover their expenses. An experienced Alabama personal injury lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to help you get every penny you’re owed for your damages.

What can I get compensation for after my injury?

Injuries aren’t just painful—they’re also expensive. Unfortunately, many injured victims have to pay for their expenses out of pocket. Filing an injury claim can change that, as it makes you eligible to receive compensation for things like current and future medical bills, current and future lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How soon after my accident should I contact a personal injury lawyer?

It’s important to call a lawyer right away after an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault. Although Alabama’s statute of limitations on injury cases is two years, waiting too long means less chance of finding important evidence and more skepticism from the insurance company. You can contact our office 24/7, 365 days a year, so there’s no reason to wait to get the help of an experienced law firm.

Can you help me if I can’t make it to your office?

Yes. We understand that many injured victims need our help while they are in the hospital or are unable to leave home due to pain and disability. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll come to you. We believe that you shouldn’t have to forgo getting the help of a lawyer just because your injury prevents you from coming to our office.

Will my case go to trial?

Most civil cases, including personal injury claims, settle long before reaching a courtroom. However, when at-fault parties and insurance companies refuse to pay victims fair settlements, going to trial is often necessary to get full compensation. At Norris Injury Lawyers, we don’t hesitate to take our clients’ cases to trial if it means getting them the money they’re owed.

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