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Norris Injury Lawyers is a family owned personal injury law firm.

Our lives and careers are dedicated to representing those suffering unjust injuries, we have designed this legal practice with your unique needs in mind.

Our client-centered approach to your personal injury case means:

  • No Fee Guarantee®: Your family has the right to receive the best legal assistance possible regardless of your current financial situation. To remain affordable, we charge no fees for the initial consultation and case evaluation. You don’t owe us a dime unless we get you money.
  • Your Needs Are Our Priority: We want you to feel that you can trust us with your doubts and concerns at all times. It is vital that you understand the details of the personal injury process and the current status of your claim. That’s why our team will always take time to listen to you, respond to all your questions, and keep you up-to-date on any case developments.
  • We Fight to the End: We will not be intimidated by any legal adversary. Be it a local insurance firm or a powerful company, we are prepared to take your case all the way to court and represent your best interests with passion and dedication.

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If you were injured or sickened due to another person’s carelessness, you may feel helpless—especially if you’re unable to go back to work and provide for your family. Allow our decades of experience and trusted law team of attorneys to fight for you.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Alabama

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we’re committed to helping injured Alabamans like you get maximum compensation for expenses such as medical treatment and lost wages. It’s our goal to prepare the strongest cases possible while treating our clients with personalized, professional, and prompt legal representation every step of the way. Best of all, our No Fee Guarantee® means our clients don’t pay us anything unless we recover compensation for them.

Experience That Matters

You don’t have to be a powerful insurance company or billion-dollar corporation to get experienced legal help. Our Alabama personal injury lawyers believe that everyone should have access to experienced legal services after an injury or accident—regardless of their ability to pay. That’s why our personal injury attorneys offer our free consultation and our exclusive No Fee Guarantee®. Your initial free consultation and case evaluation is always free, and you don’t owe us a dime unless we get you money. It’s that simple. No upfront costs. No hidden fees.

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Get the help you need now. Call (800) 477-7510 for a free claim analysis or complete our free consultation form to contact our Alabama Personal injury attorneys with your personal injury cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Common Case Types

Car Accident Attorneys
Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Truck Accident Attorneys
Bike accident Attorneys
Workers Compensation Attorneys
Brain Injury Attorneys
Dog Bite Attorneys
Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

More Common Alabama Case Types

Auto Accident
Defective Consumer Products
Drug Injury and Defective Medical Devices
Environmental Injury

If you need a lawyer, you Need a Norris!

Norris personal injury attorneys will:

  • Help you secure a favorable outcome to make sure you achieve physical and economic recovery—in the shortest time possible and to the fullest extent possible
  • Be prepared to take your claim all the way to court and fight for the best possible result for your case and the highest amount of recovery attainable for your injuries
  • Investigate thoroughly the circumstances of your accident and the extent of your injuries in order to prepare an ironclad claim with a high chance of success
  • Deal professionally with insurance companies and other parties involved in your claim to protect your interests and to negotiate a fair and satisfactory settlement for your claim
  • Treat your case with unwavering commitment, dedication, and passion


Your budget may already be strained by mounting medical expenses and other unexpected costs in the aftermath of the accident. If injuries prevent you from working, your financial situation is further aggravated. Therefore, contracting an injury attorney may not seem feasible.

Our Alabama personal injury lawyers believe that everyone should have access to experienced legal representation after an injury or accident—regardless of one’s ability to pay. That’s why we offer our trademarked No Fee Guarantee® which includes:

  • Free initial consultation and case evaluation
  • No upfront costs when you hire us
  • No hidden fees throughout the duration of your claim
  • No additional expenses for court representation

In short, you’re only charged for work on your claim if payout of financial compensation is secured—whether by a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company or through a jury’s verdict. The payment for our services will constitute a percentage of the recovery in accordance with relevant Alabama state laws.


There are strict legal deadlines to file an injury claim. Don’t put your rights to compensation at risk. Take action now.

Our legal team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get started.

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At Norris Injury Lawyers, people are the priority. No individual's plight can be ignored. Each person deserves an equal chance to see their wrongs made right. That's why we take on both small and big claims, representing clients in a variety of personal injury cases.

  • Exposure to asbestos at work or in everyday products has been linked to lung cancer cases all over the world. If you have reason to suspect that your case is similar, you could receive compensation for health damage as well as related medical expenses—find out how.

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  • When pharmaceutical companies fail to disclose product risks, you lose the right to choose. No patient should miss out on the opportunity to make an informed choice about a serious drug risk and later suffer the consequences. Discover how Norris Injury Lawyers fight for wronged patients.

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  • It is especially unjust when a device supposedly created to improve a patient’s condition leads to further health problems. Norris Injury Lawyers have settled and litigated successful medical device injury claims for clients. See how we may able to help you with your own case.

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  • Consumers have the right to trust that a product they buy is safe and doesn’t entail any undisclosed risks. When a product causes harm, manufacturers or distributors could be held liable. Learn more about product liability cases Norris Injury Lawyers handle to see how we can help you recover.

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  • Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Alabama. If you have suffered injuries and property damage in a crash caused by a reckless driver, you could be entitled to financial recovery. Learn how we can win you compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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  • Death of a loved one feels especially unjust when caused by negligence. Norris Injury Lawyers assist families facing this injustice by means of special care, consideration, and commitment. Do you seek justice and compensation for a wrongful death claim? Find legal options available to your family.

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Our No Fee Guarantee® means you don’t pay us anything unless we get money for you. No upfront costs. No hidden fees.

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