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How Contributory Negligence Works in Alabama

by Norris Injury Law | June 30th, 2022

Alabama, like other states, allows personal injury victims to seek compensation for their injuries. Where Alabama differs is the legal doctrine known as contributory negligence. Contributory negligence can prevent a plaintiff from being able to sue the defendant. All it takes is for the court to determine that the victim played a small part in […]

Alabama Drug Injury Lawyers

by Norris Injury Law | August 9th, 2021

Advancements in medicine over the past century have been astounding. The practices of doctors one hundred years ago seem almost barbaric compared to modern medicine. Pharmaceutical science has come just as far, boasting medicinal breakthroughs that have significantly increased qualify of life and longevity. However, not all medical advancements have been good for the public. […]

Your Hard Work Means You’re Entitled to SSD Benefits

by Norris Injury Law | April 24th, 2018

Losing your ability to work can be devastating for you and your loved ones. All U.S. employees who have paid into the country’s Social Security system via money deducted from their paychecks are eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if they develop illnesses or suffer injuries that prevent them from working. But the […]

Why Are Veterans Disability Claims Denied?

by Norris Injury Law | April 17th, 2018

When you or your loved one signed up to serve your country, you never imagined that you would be denied the benefits you deserve. But it’s a reality for countless veterans every day across America—even when their conditions make them eligible for benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is strict when it comes to […]

Accidents That Can Lead to Wrongful Death Claims

by Norris Injury Law | April 10th, 2018

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we know how devastating it can be when a loved one is seriously injured in an accident that was caused by another person’s or party’s negligence. We fight for the rights of victims and their families to get full compensation after avoidable accidents, and it’s our goal to help them get […]

How a Drug Injury Can Affect Your Life

by Norris Injury Law | April 3rd, 2018

Everyone knows that prescription and even over-the-counter medications can cause side effects—some of which can occasionally be serious. But most patients are well-informed of the risk of side effects by their doctors or pharmacists, and drug manufacturers are obligated to provide side effect-related information to healthcare providers and patients themselves. However, there’s another risk that […]

3 Actions that Can Maximize Your Chances of Getting Compensation after a Wreck

by Norris Injury Law | March 27th, 2018

Auto accidents aren’t just painful and traumatic—they’re also expensive. Your vehicle may be totaled, you may be facing expensive medical bills and physical rehabilitation, and you could be unable to go back to work for weeks, months, or even years. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you can file a claim for compensation, but it […]

Don’t Let the SSD Benefits You Earned Slip Away

by Norris Injury Law | March 20th, 2018

You worked hard for your entire life, and now that you’re disabled and can’t go back to work, you need a way to take care of your family. While working, every paycheck you earned had a percentage taken out by the Social Security Administration (SSA), but as you might already know, they are strict when […]

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Can Be Permanent With This Drug

by Norris Injury Law | March 6th, 2018

Temporary hair loss is a common side effect in people with cancer who are treated with chemotherapy drugs. Because the drugs slow down or stop the multiplication of rapidly growing cells in the body, they can shut down the functions associated with hair growth. However, this effect usually only lasts for a few weeks or […]

Proving Fault for an Auto Accident

by Norris Injury Law | February 27th, 2018

Getting hurt in a car accident often means big expenses for you and your family. You may be facing medical bills for everything from an ambulance ride to the hospital and overnight stays to surgery and weeks, months, or even years of physical rehabilitation. Those expenses are bad enough on their own, but they can […]

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