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3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Applying For Social Security Disability

by Norris Injury Law | June 10th, 2014

Anyone who is unable to work due to a mental or physical condition and who meets the eligibility requirements of the Social Security Disability system may have a right to benefits; however, being approved for such assistance can sometimes prove difficult, considering the latest number show Social Security Disability ratings are at a low.

Data collected from the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Workload Data on Disability Appeals indicates that in 2008, the SSA had a disability approval rating of 36 percent. By 2013, that number had plummeted three points to 33 percent. Cases that went into the hearing stage saw an even more dramatic decline in approval ratings, going from 63 percent in 2008 to a mere 48 percent in 2013.

These numbers are proof that having quality legal representation by your side during the claims process is crucial. At Norris Injury Lawyers, our team of Birmingham personal injury attorneys explains there are several areas where having a lawyer will prove beneficial, including:

  • Timely Processing of a Claim– An attorney will be able to quickly identify if you are eligible for benefits and can streamline the paperwork and processes of applying for such benefits.
  • Cutting Wait Times– Hiring a lawyer can help ensure your paperwork is completed correctly the first time, eliminating the need for corrections in order for your case to move forward. This can also lead to decisions on a claim being made faster.
  • Having An Expert By Your Side– With an attorney, you will have legal expertise to guide you through each step of the claims process, including appeals and trials if necessary.


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