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Testosterone is a hormone that controls sexual development of males and plays key roles in muscle and bone mass growth. Low testosterone levels, or “Low T”, can lead patients to use testosterone treatments. But these supplements have been found to be linked to certain Low T health risks.

An article from The New York Times states that male patients using testosterone supplements face a risk of suffering cardiac health events, like a stroke or heart attack, that is five times higher than patients not using the supplements.

Findings like this leave many wondering what they can do to safely combat the symptoms of age and lower Testosterone levels. That’s why the Birmingham personal injury attorneys with Norris Injury Lawyers are pointing out these possible solutions:

  1. Exercise- Physical activity can not only combat fatigue, but it can also increase muscle mass while diminishing fat—problems that have been linked to low testosterone levels in the past.
  2. Get More Rest- Studies have shown that getting less than eight hours of sleep can affect certain hormone levels, including testosterone.
  3. Eat a Healthy Diet- Fatty greasy foods have been associated with low Testosterone levels in the past, making a well-balanced diet one of the key ingredients to battling Low T.