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As men age, their testosterone levels decrease, which can lead to reduction in muscle mass, energy, and sex drive.

Many men use certain medications to help increase testosterone levels, but the safety of these drugs is now under scrutiny.

Many patients claim testosterone replacement medications led to adverse cardiac events, such as heart attacks and strokes, and point to scientific research to support those claims. Some victims have filed “Low T” heart risk lawsuits for damages as a result.

In response to these allegations, federal regulators are calling for more research on the safety of testosterone replacement drugs and therapies that utilize these medications. According to Medscape, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking companies that manufacture testosterone replacement drugs to work together to get research done as fast as possible.

The request comes on the heels of an FDA request for testosterone replacement drug warning labels to be updated to inform patients about the risks of stroke.

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we know the risks that can come with using testosterone replacement medications, and our Birmingham drug injury lawyers are hopeful the actions being taken to address these risks help prevent future injuries.