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You’ve been injured in a car accident and are ready to contact a lawyer to help with your personal injury claim. You’ve seen a number of ads on television and asked all of your friends and family for recommendations, narrowing down your list to a handful of law firms. But how do you know which one to hire?

Here are 5 questions you should ask any personal injury law firm you’re considering:

  1. Do you operate on a contingency basis? A contingency fee means you only pay the attorney if they get money for you. If the attorney asks for any fees upfront, consider another law firm.
  2. Who will be preparing and handling my case? Many law firms will have a team of legal professionals assigned to your case. Knowing who will be working on your behalf and their qualifications will either give you confidence in the law firm or steer you away from them.
  3. Do you have trial experience? Although most personal injury cases are settled outside of a Birmingham courtroom, it’s important that your lawyer have trial experience in case it does go to court.
  4. Will you help with medical expenses? For weeks or months following your injury, you may require continual medical treatment to ensure a full recovery. These medical expenses can add up quickly. Many firms will help with these expenses, so you can focus on getting better.
  5. How often will you provide me with an update on my case? A personal injury case can last for several months. Being kept up-to-date on the specifics of your case is extremely important, if for no other reason than knowing things are moving forward. Make sure your attorney has a system in place for keeping you in the know.

Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your personal injury claim. Take your time and make the right choice.