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We receive a lot of calls from disabled folks in Alabama who have been denied Social Security Disability benefits. Many are confused as to why they were denied since they truly are disabled. They expected to fill out a few forms and that would be it. Instead, they were told they didn’t qualify and would not be receiving benefits.

To be honest, your denial doesn’t surprise us. More than two-thirds of all Social Security Disability initial applications are denied, and here are a couple reasons why:

  1. The SSA’s definition of disability is strict. It’s not enough to say you’re injured or disabled. To secure benefits, the SSA must classify you as disabled, which means you must prove that you cannot do any type of work, not just work within your vocation. Simply put, if you can do ANY type of work, you are not eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.
  2. More applications mean longer processing times and tougher scrutiny. The number of Social Security Disability applicants has skyrocketed in the last ten years, which means it takes longer for applications to be processed. In addition, new requirements make it tougher to secure benefits. The appeals process can be even more complicated. That’s why it’s vitally important you secure legal representation to give you the best chance of securing benefits.

If you’ve been denied benefits, give our Alabama Social Security Disability lawyers a call today for a free consultation. We’ll evaluate your case in detail to determine the right direction forward, and then we’ll do everything within our power to secure you benefits. Don’t try to go it alone. Give us a call today.