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Everyone who has taken the driver’s license test in Alabama was taught the dangers of aggressive driving. Yet 66% of all accidents are still caused by aggressive driving. One of the most dangerous side effects of aggressive driving is road rage. So how do you keep your cool when another driver is pushing your buttons?

Here are 3 tips for combatting road rage in Alabama:

  1. Move over. Nobody likes a tailgater. They get right on your bumper and stay there in an attempt to get you to go faster. Don’t fall for it. Move over and let them pass. Don’t reward their impatience by increasing your risk.
  2. Keep your cool. There’s nothing to gain from engaging in an argument on the road. If an aggressive driver threatens you, don’t respond. If they persist, have someone in your car call the police or pull over somewhere safe and do it yourself.
  3. Use your horn sparingly. The car horn’s purpose is to warn other drivers that may not see you, thus avoiding an accident. It’s not a weapon. Use your horn sparingly to avoid unnecessary conflict on the road.

Sometimes you can do everything right and still be involved in a serious accident. If an aggressive driver caused your accident, give our Alabama car accident attorneys a call for a free consultation. We’ll fully investigate the events that led up to your accident and work to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.