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At Norris Injury Lawyers, our main objective in any personal injury case is to get our client maximum compensation in the least amount of time. We do that by pushing the insurance company to do the right thing and pay fair compensation for their injuries. When the insurance company refuses to play fair, we take them to court. If your personal injury case goes to trial, you will more than likely be asked to take the witness stand to recount your side of the story. It’s important that you’re well prepared for that day, as your testimony will be key to the success of your case.

Here are 5 tips for giving testimony in a personal injury case:

  1. Dress appropriately. Appearance matters in the courtroom. Dress in a professional manner in order to make the best first impression on the court and the jury. That first impression may weigh heavily in the jury’s decision.
  2. Tell the truth. The witness stand is not the place to embellish the facts. Embellishments and outright lies always come out in the end, so stick to the facts and only the facts.
  3. Don’t offer new information. If something occurs to you on the witness stand that hasn’t come out before, don’t volunteer that information. Of course, tell the truth if you are asked, but do not freely offer up any new info that your attorney is not aware of.
  4. Be poised. In cross-examination, the defense attorney may try to catch you in a lie or even get you emotionally charged with their questions. Don’t fall for it. Stay calm and never lose your temper.
  5. Be yourself. You’re not on stage; you’re giving testimony in a court of law. There’s no need to put on a front. Simply be yourself and you’ll do fine.

Testifying on the witness stand can be intimidating, but we’ll make sure you’re properly prepared beforehand, so you have nothing to worry about. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, and aren’t currently a client, give us a call immediately. Our experienced Alabama car accident attorneys have decades of experience handling cases just like yours, and we know how to win. Give us a call today.