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Asbestos is one of those environmental hazards that pretty much everyone knows is dangerous but very few know why. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma or are a researcher, you probably don’t know the facts about asbestos. As a personal injury firm that focuses on getting victims of asbestos exposure the compensation they deserve, we feel an obligation to educate the public on the risks asbestos pose. You can find quite a bit of information on our website, but here are 3 things everyone should know about asbestos.

What is asbestos?
Asbestos is a mineral mined from the earth that is extremely fireproof and durable. Because of those qualities, asbestos fibers have been used to manufacturer a number of products over the years, including brake pads, insulation, and other construction materials.

Why is it dangerous?
The very thing that makes asbestos fibers ideal for manufacturing (durability and rigidity) also makes them harmful to humans. These fibers are naturally ingested in our bodies and accumulate over the years. These fibers can cause a host of deadly illnesses, including asbestosis, pleural disease, and cancers such as mesothelioma.

Is there compensation available for victims?
Yes, there is. Because the manufacturers of many of the products containing asbestos knew of the dangers to the public, many lawsuits were brought against their companies. As a result, there is a massive trust of money for compensating victims of asbestos-related illnesses. However, the claim process can be complicated to navigate on your own, which is why you need an experienced Alabama asbestos injury attorney working on your behalf to maximize your claim.

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