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Whether you’re driving on a cross-country road trip, driving to work, or just driving to the supermarket, you face the risk of being involved in an accident every time you get behind the wheel. Taking a few key steps every time you drive can help you not only reduce your chances of being involved in a crash, but it can also reduce the severity of any injuries you suffer if an accident does occur.

  • Wear your seat belt. Despite a wide variety of modern safety features being added to vehicles in recent years, seat belts remain the most effective devices for reducing and even preventing injuries during auto accidents.
  • Avoid distractions. A vehicle traveling at normal highway or interstate speeds can travel the length of a football field in the time it takes to send or read a text message. If you need to use your phone while you’re driving, pull over to a safe location and make the call or send the text while your vehicle is stopped.
  • Practice defensive driving habits. Defensive driving means being prepared to encounter the unexpected, respecting other drivers and their rights on the road, being aware of road and weather conditions, and giving the task of driving your full and undivided attention.

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