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Was your application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits denied? If so, you may still have a good chance of getting the benefits you deserve by filing an appeal, but to succeed, you must follow the right steps. Having an experienced Alabama Social Security Disability attorney on your side can make all the difference during this complicated process.

The three keys for winning SSD benefits appeals include:

  1. Requesting an appeal right away – After your initial application is rejected, the clock starts ticking for your eligibility to appeal the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) decision. In fact, you have only 60 days after the rejection to submit an appeal in writing.
  1. Writing a comprehensive appeals letter – The SSA provides forms for appealing its decisions, but the space to write your explanation for why you deserve benefits is small. Instead of using the provided space, attach a carefully worded and heartfelt letter that describes your situation. An attorney can help you write this important document.
  1. Being honest about your condition – When describing your condition, be honest and avoid embellishing or downplaying your disability or health problems. The SSA may be skeptical of your condition if it doesn’t match evidence from your doctor, or it could reject your appeal if you don’t give an honest account of the impact your disability has on your life and ability to work.

Filing and appealing SSD benefits claims can be an intimidating experience—especially when you and your loved ones are relying on the money to replace your lost income. Don’t leave your appeal up to chance. Contact Norris Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation. We’re here to help.