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Insurance companies make big promises in their commercials and advertisements, but they don’t necessarily make their money by keeping them. Instead, they make record profits year after year by finding ways to pay injured victims as little as possible.

Their teams of adjusters have many methods of making sure people who were hurt in car accidents get the minimum amount of compensation. In some cases, they deny claims altogether, leaving victims with huge medical bills that they can’t afford.

Don’t be a victim. Following these tips can protect your rights:

  • Never admit fault to police, the other driver, or the adjuster. After the accident, you may be confused and disoriented. It might be difficult for you to tell others what happened, even when police or the other driver want to know your side of the story. That confusion can last even until the insurance company contacts you. In many cases, some drivers think they’re at fault, but evidence later proves that they aren’t. However, prematurely admitting fault can permanently jeopardize your chances of getting compensation.
  • Don’t post about the accident on social media. Insurance adjusters are savvy, and they know that many victims post details about their accidents on their social media accounts. When adjusters find that information, they may try to use it to reduce or deny compensation claims, especially if they can twist statements or phrases to make it appear that the accident wasn’t as serious as you claimed.

Although insurance adjusters may seem helpful, their job is to find ways to pay you either a lowball settlement or nothing at all. But with a team of experienced Birmingham Alabama auto accident lawyers on your side, you can focus on getting better and let us handle the adjusters. Norris Injury Lawyers is here to help you move forward. Contact us today for a free consultation.