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The immediate aftermath of an auto accident is a critical time for your health and your rights to compensation. Knowing the right steps to take can help you reduce your recovery time and maximize your chances of getting full compensation for your medical bills and lost wages.

However, few people are in the right state of mind after an accident to follow a rigorous checklist with multiple steps. After your accident, you’re hurting and doing everything you can to make sure you and your loved ones are okay. Thinking about tomorrow, let alone the next week, month, or year may be the last thing on your mind.

Even if you’re not able to do anything else after the crash, there are three numbers you can and should call to get the best possible treatment, opportunity, and advocacy after your accident:

  1. 911 – Calling 911 is an essential step for anyone who was just involved in a serious accident. Never assume that someone else has called or is calling 911 after an accident. It’s better to be safe than sorry and call as soon as possible. Give the dispatcher as much information as he or she needs to know the accident location and severity.
  2. Your insurance provider – All auto insurers require notification of accidents within a short timeframe after they occur. Waiting too long to call can jeopardize your chances of getting compensation or your opportunity to file a claim.
  3. An experienced Alabama auto accident lawyerA successful auto accident claim requires plenty of evidence that proves the other driver was at fault. Unfortunately, evidence can quickly disappear. Having an attorney on your side right away increases your opportunity to collect enough evidence to paint a clear picture of what happened.

Were you or a loved one recently hurt in a car crash? If so, don’t delay. Make the right calls and get the help you deserve. Our consultations are always free.