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If you were recently prescribed a prescription medication, you’re probably not thinking about how it could make you feel worse. Unfortunately, that’s a reality for many people in Alabama and throughout the U.S.

Prescription medications are released to the market after extensive research and development, including multiple phases of testing on human volunteers to determine efficacy and safety.

Despite all the precautions that drug manufacturers and government oversight committees take to make sure prescription medications in the marketplace are safe, some potentially dangerous medications slip through the cracks, putting patients’ health at risk.

Three of the most common causes of drug injuries include:

  1. Design defects. Drugs should be designed to play a therapeutic role while causing minimal side effects, but design defects can result in drugs causing more harm than good.
  2. Manufacturing defects. When drugs are contaminated, mixed with other ingredients, or packaged with misleading or missing information, serious injuries can occur.
  3. Failure to warn. Drug manufacturers are responsible for providing information about adverse effects, including side effects and possibly harmful interactions with other medications.

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