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Electronic cigarettes are more popular than ever. USA Today reports that e-cigarettes have created a $4.4 billion industry. Although the devices have been around for about 30 years, their popularity recently spiked, and now they’re commonplace in restaurants, bars, and other public spaces.

To meet the high demand for e-cigarette devices and pens, many manufacturers are producing the devices. Unfortunately, some of the products sold are manufactured using low-quality components and materials. And because e-cigarettes are battery-powered and generate heat, there’s always a potential for hazards, including fires and even explosions.

People who have been hurt by e-cigarettes have suffered serious injuries, including:

  • Facial and limb scarring – Exploding e-cigarettes can cause serious trauma to the face, arms, or legs, as they can explode while being used or while being stored in pockets.
  • Loss of fingers – In severe cases, exploding e-cigarettes can even cause the loss of fingers.
  • Severe burns – Whether they explode or catch fire, defective e-cigarettes can cause victims to suffer serious third-degree burns.
  • Vision damage or blindness – Exploding and burning e-cigarettes are extremely harmful to victims’ eyes, with reports of lost vision and even blindness being commonplace.

Because there are countless manufacturers of e-cigarettes, it can be hard to tell if a specific product or model is built by a reputable brand. However, all e-cigarettes have the potential to be dangerous by catching fire or exploding.

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