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SUVs are one of the most popular types of vehicles in America. And while their size and versatility make them top choices for families and people who need plenty of cargo space, their top-heavy design has made them more prone to rollover accidents than many other types of vehicles.

SUVs have higher centers of gravity than sedans. That means they can tip or roll over more easily in a variety of conditions and circumstances, including speeding around curves, driving up or down an unbalanced ramp, partially leaving the road, or losing control and overcorrecting.

Newer SUV models are less likely to roll over than older SUVs due to advances in design and safety features, but they’re still prone to tipping over under certain conditions. You can reduce your risks of being involved in this type of crash by:

  • Slowing down – Reducing your speed is the first step towards preventing rollover accidents. Many rollovers are caused by taking turns too fast or by losing control and overcorrecting. Slowing down gives you better control of your vehicle and allows you to turn more smoothly.
  • Replacing worn out tires – Check your tires regularly. If they’re damaged, worn down, or losing their tread, replace them right away. When SUVs have poor traction on roads, they’re more likely to roll over, especially on uneven asphalt or during inclement weather.

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