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Getting hurt in a car accident often means big expenses for you and your family. You may be facing medical bills for everything from an ambulance ride to the hospital and overnight stays to surgery and weeks, months, or even years of physical rehabilitation. Those expenses are bad enough on their own, but they can be even more devastating when you’re too hurt to go back to work and earn the paycheck your family depends on.

People who are hurt in Alabama auto crashes can file claims for compensation, but those claims require proof that they weren’t at fault. And despite the cause of many crashes seeming obvious, proving fault or that the other driver was negligent isn’t always easy.

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we have years of experience helping innocent victims file these types of claims. Our Alabama car accident attorneys investigate to determine who was at fault for a crash by:

  • Analyzing the crash scene – Traffic and security camera footage, crash debris, skid marks, and even accident reconstruction data are a few types of evidence we utilize when we’re helping our clients determine who was actually at fault for their accidents.
  • Interviewing witnesses – Many car accidents occur in front of other drivers or pedestrians. It’s our job to locate those people and ask for their side of the story. In many cases, their eyewitness accounts, combined with physical evidence, can help prove who was at fault.

Time is of the essence when it comes to getting compensation for your car accident, as evidence can quickly disappear. Call us today for a free consultation.