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When you or your loved one signed up to serve your country, you never imagined that you would be denied the benefits you deserve. But it’s a reality for countless veterans every day across America—even when their conditions make them eligible for benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is strict when it comes to approving and administering benefits, and its stringent guidelines and requirements mean that many otherwise valid claims filed by upstanding veterans are denied.

At Norris Injury Lawyers, our Birmingham veterans benefits lawyers know how unfair it can seem when you’ve spent many years of your life serving your country, only to see it seemingly turn its back on you when you need its support.

If you’re about to file for veterans disability benefits, have already filed and were rejected, or want to appeal, it’s important to understand why the VA rejects some claims:

  • Lack of proof of the injury or illness being service-related—The VA doesn’t want to give benefits to people who suffered injuries or illnesses in their civilian life. The burden of proof lies on each individual veteran, and it may be difficult to determine how much proof is needed without the help of a lawyer.
  • Lack of proof that the injury or illness is disabling—Even when veterans are able to prove that their conditions can be traced back to their service, the VA may still reject their applications if their conditions don’t appear to be disabling. Getting a disability diagnosis requires a lengthy medical review process and collecting and presenting the appropriate medical records and paperwork.

If you suffered an injury or illness during your military career and need benefits, don’t leave your future up to chance. Get in touch with our legal team to maximize your chances of approval. Call us today for a free consultation.