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Tuscaloosa auto accident kills man

by Norris Injury Lawyers | September 30th, 2010

September 30, 2010 Speeding can be dangerous alone, but combined with alcohol and there’s an increased chance of an auto accident that injures the driver and others on the road. Unfortunately, speed and alcohol made for a deadly combination in a Tuscaloosa auto accident. The Birmingham News reported that a 23-year-old man who was intoxicated […]

Alabama auto accident kills man

by Norris Injury Lawyers | September 16th, 2010

September 16, 2010 Motorcyclists face extra risks on the road due to exposure to elements and the light weight of the bikes. Therefore, Alabama auto accidents are especially dangerous for motorcycle drivers. Unfortunately, according to the Gadsen Times, one man died as a result of injuries suffered in an Alabama auto accident. The Alabama auto […]

Cigarettes may cause Alabama drug injuries, including mental illness

by Norris Injury Lawyers | June 10th, 2010

June 10, 2010 Everyone knows about cigarettes and the potential for Alabama drug injuries associated with smoking and secondhand smoke, but what about mental illness? According to NBC13, cigarettes may have a connection with drug injuries such as mental illness. In a study, those who were exposed to the most secondhand smoke were more likely […]

Anniston auto accident involves school bus

by Norris Injury Lawyers | April 29th, 2010

April 29, 2010 Do you worry about your children’s safety on Alabama school buses? Do you feel bus safety is a priority in your Alabama school system? Some parents were probably concerned about bus safety when they heard about the Anniston auto accident involving a school bus. According to the Anniston Star, an Anniston auto […]

Recycling center to help curb Alabama environmental dangers

by Norris Injury Lawyers | April 22nd, 2010

April is a time for earth and environmental awareness. Many businesses and organizations are encouraging consumers to do their part to curb environmental dangers, and recycling is just one of those efforts. According to the Shelby County Reporter, a new recycling center is set to open and will facilitate the recycling of all kinds. The […]

Huntsville auto accident damages apartment

by Norris Injury Lawyers | February 25th, 2010

February 25, 2010 WHNT reported that a recent Huntsville car accident caused some damage to someone’s home early one morning. The driver of a sport utility vehicle was heading down the road when it went over a sidewalk and through an apartment. The couple, who lived in the apartment, was asleep in their bedroom when […]

Man dies in Montgomery auto accident

by Norris Injury Lawyers | January 28th, 2010

January 28, 2010 WSFA reported that a recent Montgomery car accident left one man dead. The Alabama auto accident involved only one vehicle and occurred when the vehicle drove off the road and hit a nearby utility pole. The man was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the Montgomery car accident, and […]

Traffic jammed after Birmingham auto accident

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 1st, 2009

October 1, 2009 The Birmingham News reported that a Birmingham car accident caused traffic to be backed up. The driver of a van was going through an intersection when a sport utility vehicle ran a red light and hit the van, causing it to continue into a utility pole. The impact of the Birmingham auto […]

Montgomery auto accident knocks out power

by Norris Injury Lawyers | September 24th, 2009

September 24, 2009 A Montgomery car accident involving only one vehicle caused the power to go out in a neighborhood, according to WFSA News 12. The driver was headed down the road when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a nearby utility pole at an intersection. The power was knocked out briefly following […]

Huntsville auto accident kills one

by Norris Injury Lawyers | July 30th, 2009

July 30, 2009 A Huntsville car accident involving only one car claimed the life of a local man, according to WAFF. The man was driving down the road early one morning when the Huntsville auto accident occurred. The force of the collision partially threw the man from the vehicle and pinned him underneath it once […]

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