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Federal Officials Allege Fraud in Thousands of SSD Benefits Approvals

by Staff Blogger | June 9th, 2015

It can be extremely difficult to get a claim for Social Security Disability benefits approved. In fact, only an estimated 40 percent of claims are initially approved. The Birmingham Social Security Disability attorneys at Norris Injury Lawyers point out that, for some, the fight for benefits continues after an approved.

Roughly 1,200 Social Security Disability beneficiaries were recently told by the federal government they would be losing their benefits because of their attorney’s actions. According to WSAZ 3 News, federal officials allege that the attorney who handled each of the claimants’ cases used fraudulent medical evidence to secure approvals for the claims. A judge is also being accused of awarding benefits, even when the evidence presented didn’t constitute such an award.

The Social Security Administration has lifted the bans in response to outcry from recipients. Now, each of those individuals must submit their medical records within the next 30 days for review.

Getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits be quite complicated, and an experienced attorney can assist you through the process. At Norris Injury Lawyers, we know Social Security Disability law, and we’re here to help protect your rights to benefits. Call us at (800) 477-7510 today.