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Lawyers could be guilty of Alabama legal malpractice

by nil | June 10th, 2010

The oil spill in the Gulf has many people worried about their property and the environment, and those who have suffered because of Alabama environmental dangers have begun filing suits against BP for their losses.

But the Alabama State Bar Association is worried about lawyers taking advantage of potential clients through Alabama legal malpractice.

According to, the bar has received complaints that some lawyers may be engaging in Alabama legal malpractice by unfairly soliciting clients and engaging in unethical behavior.

To help protect citizens against Alabama legal malpractice, the bar has launched a website called “How to Protect Your Rights When Disaster Strikes.”

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Alabama legal malpractice case involves assistant D.A.

by nil | May 27th, 2010

Legal professionals are not excused from legal battles of their own. In fact, that is exactly what an Alabama county assistant district attorney and another Alabama attorney are dealing with right now.

According to the Birmingham News, Assistant District Attorney Frank Selman Teel and lawyer Frank Wayne Bailey are facing Alabama legal malpractice issues because they allegedly committed ethics violations, extortion, and bribery.

One of the victims bringing the Alabama legal malpractice cases says she was the victim of Alabama legal malpractice centering on extortion.

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Alabama Supreme Court dismisses case over legal malpractice

by nil | May 20th, 2010

According to The Huntsville Times, the Alabama Supreme Court has dismissed a case brought against one of the state’s law firms by a company alleging Alabama legal malpractice.

The case brought by Coilplus-Alabama of Athens against Sirote & Permutt was dismissed because the court ruled that it barred the legal statute of limitations.

The Limestone Circuit Court had also dismissed the Alabama legal malpractice suit, but it was appealed in the Supreme Court.

The company had accused the law firm of providing misleading advice, leading to the Alabama legal malpractice suit.

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Alabama auto accident deaths at four-year low

by nil | December 28th, 2007

December 28, 2007

Fatal Alabama auto accidents were at a four-year low with only four days left in the year, according to The Birmingham News. Gov. Bob Riley implored Alabama residents to ride home safely New Year’s Eve with a sober driver to avoid deadly auto accidents.

From the first of the year through Dec. 26, there were 758 Alabama car accident deaths, down 61 from 2006, according to the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Over the New Year’s weekend, checkpoints and extra patrols will be set up in an attempt to keep the number of auto accidents down and ensure the safety of Alabama drivers.

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