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Auburn Student Charged After Running Over Child at Bus Stop

by Norris Injury Lawyers | October 14th, 2011

October 14, 2011

An Auburn University student who struck a seven-year-old girl at a bus stop in Auburn, Alabama, on Tuesday has been charged with reckless driving and passing a stopped school bus.

According to Opelika-Auburn News, the 21-year-old woman was driving a black 2003 Toyota 4Runner when she hit the Cary Woods Elementary School first-grader. The child is recovering from her injuries at home.

On Wednesday, Auburn City School Superintendent Dr. Terry Jenkins, who arrived at the accident scene shortly after it occurred, told that he thought the little girl would return to school this week.

Jenkins has viewed the school bus video and says, “You can see when the bus stops and all the devices engage and the children get off the bus. Two children walk in front of the bus and cross the street. This child was the third child to cross the road.

“As the third child crosses the road, the bus driver sat down on the horn of the bus as the black SUV approaches, swerves and strikes the child, which spins her, and she rolls down the side of car onto the pavement.”

Jenkins also said that the driver was late for class and talking on her cell phone just prior to the incident.

The driver will appear in court on December 8. Alcohol and drugs are not believed to be a factor in this accident.

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Birmingham Man Charged with Manslaughter After Motorcycle Crash

by Norris Injury Lawyers | August 26th, 2011

August 26, 2011

A Birmingham, Alabama, man has been charged with manslaughter and was booked into the Jefferson County Jail last week after causing a fatal car and motorcycle collision in March 2011, reports The Birmingham News.

The man is now being held on $15,000 bond.

The fatal car accident occurred at 10:41 p.m. on Friday, March 25, in the 600 block of Bankhead Highway. Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Bill Yates has said that the 32-year-old victim—a man from Birmingham—was traveling down Bankhead on his motorcycle when a car turned in front of him. The motorcycle then slammed into the passenger door of the car.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later, police found that the driver of the car was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The victim, who worked as a security officer, was survived by his wife, two sons, and his parents and a brother. A memorial fund has been set up for his children at Regions bank.

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High School Football Coach in Huntsville Arrested on DUI Charges

by Norris Injury Lawyers | August 16th, 2011

August 16, 201

The head football coach at Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama, was arrested on Saturday, August 13, on suspicion of DUI while on school property.

The 45-year-old man was arrested Saturday night after blowing a .12 on a breathalyzer test, Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski told The Huntsville Times. The legal limit in Alabama is .08.

A neighbor had called police on Saturday to tell them about a loud noise coming from the high school practice field. There, the coach was mowing the lawn with his personal lawn mower and his personal trailer, which was attached to a truck that belonged to the school district. The truck had apparently gotten stuck in the field, causing the noise that alerted neighbors.

The man was released from the Madison County Jail on Sunday. He has been put on administrative leave with pay pending further investigation.

The Huntsville Times reports that a number of community members and colleagues have written letters and started a petition to defend the character of the coach, who is reportedly a single father of five. He was named head football coach at Grissom High in June 2002 and also served as head football coach at Sparkman High School from 1999-2002.

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New Alabama Law Stiffens Penalties and Fines for Drunk Drivers

by Norris Injury Lawyers | July 12th, 2011

July 12, 2011

A new Alabama law enforces harsher penalties and fines for drivers with especially high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels. The law, originally Senate Bill 67, was signed into effect last month by Governor Robert Bentley. It states that those convicted of aggravated DUI—defined as driving with a BAC of .15 or higher—will face double the fines and prison terms.

The bill was sponsored in the House by Representative Paul DeMarco and in the Senate by Rusty Glover.

“I am sure this law will reduce the number of DUIs in Alabama,” said DeMarco. “It directly affects the most highly intoxicated drivers, who are the ones who cause the most accidents. Hopefully, this will make our highways safer by strengthening the penalties against DUIs.”

The Birmingham News reports that 33 percent of all Alabama traffic deaths in 2009 were attributed to drunken-driving. Of the crashes that involved a fatality, 56 percent of drivers had a BAC of .15 or higher.

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Do you think this new law will help deter drunk driving in Alabama? Do you think it’s fair that your BAC would help determine your punishment for drunk driving?

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35 Percent of College Students Use Apps While Driving, Says Study

by Norris Injury Lawyers | June 28th, 2011

June 28, 2011

A new study out from the University of Alabama at Birmingham indicates that one-third of college students use cell phone apps while they’re behind the wheel. The most surprising finding: Even students who’ve had cell-phone related accidents continue to use their mobile devices in the car.

The study looked at 93 college students all of whom owned a smartphone device such as a Blackberry or iPhone. Each student claimed to use apps on their phone at least four times a week, although 10 of these students had previously been involved in car crashes caused by their own distracted driving.

The study, which will be presented at the American Psychological Association Convention in D.C. this summer, found that 10 percent of students often or nearly always use mobile apps while driving, and that one-third say they use them sometimes.

“It’s astounding, scary,” said David Schwebel, the director of the UAB Youth Safety Lab that supervised the study, in an interview with Reuters. “Very little of this is urgent business. It’s socializing and entertainment.”

Lauren McCartney, a UAB student who worked on the study, told Reuters that the study has led her to conclude that smartphones need to be banned from use while driving.

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Do you use smartphone apps while driving even though you know the dangers of doing so? What’s the best way to discourage people from using their cell phones while driving?

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Officer dies in Alabama auto accident

by Norris Injury Lawyers | April 1st, 2008

April 1, 2008

An officer was killed when his vehicle hydroplaned, ran off the road, and struck a tree while he was responding to a civil disturbance call, according to The Birmingham News.

He was pronounced dead at the scene of the Alabama auto accident.

The officer joined the force soon after he retired from the Air Force and is the first one in that department to die in the line of duty since its inception.

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Two hurt in Birmingham auto accident

by Norris Injury Lawyers | March 25th, 2008

March 24, 2008

The Birmingham News reported that a group about 20 people witnessed an Alabama car accident while participating in a roadside vigil held Sunday to commemorate four teenagers that died in a car accident on Friday.

Two Birmingham auto accident victims were sent to the hospital after an accident that happened less than 50 feet away from the vigil.

The Alabama car accident happened when the tire on blew out on a vehicle, forcing it into the middle lane where it was hit by a pickup truck.

The car careened into a shallow ravine in the accident, and witnesses say an 18-wheeler narrowly missed running into the crashed vehicles in the auto accident.

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No Injuries in Alabama Truck Accident

by Norris Injury Lawyers | February 13th, 2008

February 13, 2008 

Late last week a truck hauling logs overturned on Alabama Highway 14. There were no other vehicles involved in the Alabama truck accident, and no one was injured. According to reports, the truck crash happened when the driver lost control of the truck after going around a turn. The load in the back of the truck caused the truck to rollover and stop in a roadside ditch.

The driver said that the shift in the load caused the Alabama truck crash and said that he was not speeding. 

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