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What You Need to Know About Xarelto® Drug Injuries

by Norris Injury Lawyers | March 24th, 2015

After a heart attack or stroke, patients may be susceptible to blood clots that further endanger their lives. To help combat these risks, doctors may prescribe anti-coagulants, such as Xarelto®. However, it’s important for patients to be made aware of the risks associated with taking this particular drug.

Researchers have shown taking Xarelto can significantly increase a patient’s risk of suffering an uncontrollable bleeding event. In fact, a large number of patients have suffered Xarelto® drug injuries, which has prompted action to be taken.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working to reduce drug injury risks by updating warning labels on the outside Xarelto packaging. For victims of Xarelto drug injuries, this move came too late, which is why many have filed lawsuits seeking damages for their injuries.

So many Xarelto drug injury lawsuits have been filed in recent years that the courts have consolidated the cases into multidistrict litigation. This allows for several of the most serious cases to be heard. Then, those results are used to determine the outcomes of other cases across the country.

If you’ve suffered a Xarelto drug injury, it’s not too late to file a complaint. The Birmingham personal injury attorneys at Norris Injury Lawyers suggest speaking with an attorney before filing such a claim. Doing so can help ensure your legal rights to compensation are protected at all times.

Alabama’s Disabled Veterans Are Not Always Aware of Available Benefits

by Norris Injury Lawyers | August 12th, 2014

While healthcare and disability payments are a few of the benefits available to military service members, there are many other programs that offer services and savings to those who served our nation. However, many veterans are simply aren’t informed of these programs, which could significantly cost them in the end.

Take the case of a former U.S. Army soldier living in Alabama who lost thousands of dollars to property taxes he wasn’t required to pay. The veteran was deemed 100 percent disabled by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs in 2006 and began receiving veterans’ disability benefits shortly thereafter.

Since that time, the former soldier continued to pay property taxes on his home and land as he thought he was required to do. Just a few months ago though, the chief clerk of Montgomery County informed him that because of his total disability, he was eligible for a tax break that nullified his requirement to pay property taxes.

In an article from the Montgomery Advertiser, experts explained that situations like this are not uncommon in Alabama because many veterans aren’t made aware of all the programs and services available to them—especially in rural parts of the state.

This is why the Birmingham personal injury attorneys with Norris Injury Lawyers urge veterans injured during their time in the service to speak with a legal representative about their options for assistance and resources.