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Alabama Supreme Court to Allow Employees to File Suit over Past Alabama Environmental Injuries

by Norris Injury Lawyers | January 29th, 2008

January 29, 2008 

Yesterday, the Alabama Supreme Court voted to allow workers who have suffered health problems several years after being exposed to certain chemicals to pursue legal action for their injuries. Previously, workers only had the opportunity to file suit after the last exposure to a dangerous chemical. Because many Alabama environmental injuries and illnesses do not show symptoms until several years later, many workers were not able to get the help they needed. 

While this is good news for those who have suffered Alabama environmental injuries, some local attorneys say that proving illnesses that was caused by an earlier exposure may be difficult. 

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Sewage spill could cause Alabama environmental injuries

by Norris Injury Lawyers | December 31st, 2007

December 31, 2007

A Sunday sewage spill was reported by the Baldwin County Health Department, warning of potential Alabama environmental injuries, according to the Press-Register.

The health department received a report from North Baldwin Utilities notifying them of the spill. An unknown amount of sewage was being discharged into a nearby creek after a mechanical problem and heavy rainfall.

Residents are urged to exercise caution to avoid Alabama environmental injuries when using the creek for recreation and to cook any fish or seafood caught nearby thoroughly and to wash hands after handling it.

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