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Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

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When people talk of life-changing choices, they might mention marriage, employment, or lifestyle. Yet, the split-second decisions drivers make every day have the potential to impact the lives of anyone sharing the road with them.

In 2019, Alabama car accidents were reported every 3 minutes and 18 seconds. The consequences are often severe injuries, psychological trauma, and property damage. The same year, 930 people lost their lives in fatal crashes.

Was your accident the result of a driver failing to yield at the proper moment? At Norris Injury Lawyers, our personal injury attorneys investigate Alabama failure-to-yield accidents with justice as our goal. If you were wronged, we can fight to the end to hold the responsible party liable for his or her poor decisions.

You have the right to know your legal options. Our legal team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give you the answers you need. Schedule your free consultation with our experienced law professionals at 800-477-7510 today. 

Understanding Alabama Right-of-Way Laws

The regulations contained in the Alabama Code of Ordinances give order to traffic crossings, in effect preventing motor vehicle accidents. For instance, consider the following rules of the road:

  • When two vehicles reach an intersection at the same time, the car on the right has the right of way
  • A vehicle approaching an intersection should yield to vehicles already within the intersection
  • Turning vehicles should use signals to indicate their intentions to other drivers
  • Drivers should yield when merging onto a highway
  • Drivers should obey traffic signals, including lights and signs
  • All vehicles should yield to pedestrians in residential districts
  • Pedestrians should yield to vehicles on the highway
  • Authorized emergency vehicles (e.g. ambulances, police cars, fire engines) have the right of way
  • Speeding vehicles forfeit their right-of-way

Specific scenarios can affect right-of-way rules, and exceptions apply. Norris Injury Lawyers understand that car accident victims have enough on their minds during recovery. If you suspect another driver’s failure to yield caused you harm, contact us for a free case review as soon as possible.

How a Failure-to-Yield Accident Claim Works

Alabama negligence laws allow you to take legal action if someone’s negligence or recklessness causes you harm. The compensation you pursue, called damages, can include the following.


In Alabama, drivers who cause a car accident are responsible for paying to repair the vehicles they damage. If they have insurance, their policies should cover the costs. Yet, insurance companies are infamous for trying to minimize payouts.

With insurers working against your interests, many failure to yield victims prefer to entrust professionals with their claims. Norris Injury Lawyers can have your back. At our law firm, we can evaluate the actual cost to repair your vehicle and the impact the damage might have on its resale value.

If there is substantial damage to your car, you might consider accepting a total loss settlement. The insurers would provide the replacement value of the vehicle. A lawyer can advise you on this course of action before you make a final decision.


Taking sufficient time to recover after a car accident is essential. While you are unable to work, you might need to use your sick leave or vacation days. Some people even need to leave their jobs or take unpaid absences. The costs add up quickly.

Our compassionate lawyers realize that missing paychecks for any reason can be financially devastating. Is it fair that you suffer these losses because of a negligent driver’s bad choice? We do not think so, so we work hard to win your hard-earned wages back for you when we take on your case.

If you experienced physical or psychological damage that affects your ability to make a living, your claim can also seek damages for lost earning potential. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options with the Norris team by clicking “Start Chat” below.


Common accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Scrapes, cuts, and bruises
  • Muscle damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Herniated discs
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

You should always seek medical treatment after a motor vehicle accident. However, medical care for a failure-to-yield accident can come at a staggering cost. Many families find it impossible to keep up with the expenses.

What if you miss payments? Medical debts can harm your credit score and subject you to annoying calls from collection agencies. Once your medical costs start to multiply, worry and frustration could begin to affect your health.

Why let that happen to you? You deserve better. Relying on our law firm could help you restore your peace of mind.

Norris’ experienced lawyers have the experience that matters. Best of all, our No Fee Guarantee® means that you pay no fees unless we win money for you.


How do you feel after your accident? Physical pain and emotional trauma often accompany a car crash. Consider the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, or worry
  • Shock
  • Depression
  • Embarrassment or humiliation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Fear

These non-economic losses can affect your life in a significant way. Please contact one of our attorneys right away if you have experienced mental anguish or ongoing physical pain related to your accident injuries. Depending on the specifics of your case, you could qualify to receive financial compensation for non-economic damages.


Accident statistics reveal the ugly truth behind Alabama automobile accidents. Failing to yield was a contributing factor of 25,124 collisions in 2019. Almost 100 of these accidents resulted in loss of life.

The surviving family members pay the emotional toll for negligent drivers. A failure to yield claim is one way to seek justice and compensation after losing a loved one.

At Norris Injury Lawyers, your needs are our top priority. We want you to understand your rights after a fatal failure-to-yield crash. We are ready to listen to you and respond to your concerns.

Why Failing to Yield Should Not Be Ignored

Drivers on the road owe a duty of care to each other. They should operate their vehicles safely so as to avoid harming anyone. Failing to yield indicates a blatant disrespect for the life and health of others.

Alabama negligence laws aim to protect victims. You need to take action to benefit from your rights and hold unsafe drivers responsible for failing to yield.

Supportive accident lawyers can assist by:

  • Examining the crash scene
  • Gathering photo and video evidence
  • Requesting police and medical reports
  • Interviewing witnesses, doctors, and emergency personnel
  • Corresponding with insurance companies
  • Preparing and submitting documentation

Yet, the statute of limitations in Alabama limits the time that victims can file a failure to yield case. You must reach out to our Alabama legal team without delay.

Contact Norris Injury Lawyers for Life-Changing Results

Failing to yield is a leading cause of non-fatal car accidents in Alabama. When an at-fault party opts to disregard traffic laws, he or she is liable for the consequences that follow. Let Norris Injury Lawyers help you hold that person to their responsibility.

Our No Fee Guarantee® means you don’t owe us any money unless we get money for you. We fight for justice in this way so that anyone – regardless of his or her financial status – can get the needed legal representation.

Schedule your free initial consultation at 800-477-7510, any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you hire us, you could soon discover why we have a record of successful outcomes in Alabama. We are looking forward to putting our 40+ years of experience to work for you.