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Alabama Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer

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When comparing the amount of time that the average person in the US spends driving each day with the amount of time spent texting, there’s a real problem. The likelihood of someone texting while driving is staggeringly high. It’s even more unsettling when we factor in the number of drivers around us when we travel in high-traffic areas such as our City of Birmingham.

Have you been involved in an accident because someone else was texting while driving a car? Texting while driving is an act of negligence. Anyone who drives while distracted due to texting may be considered liable for car accident damages. An accident lawyer with our law firm can help you get the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Please contact a personal injury lawyer at Norris Injury Lawyers serving the residents of Alabama. Our legal team stands ready and willing to pursue the at-fault driver who is responsible for your injuries, or his or her insurance company, for the restitution and peace of mind you need. 

While our law firm handles your case and fights on your behalf, you can rest assured that you will not owe us any money until we get compensation for you. What’s more, you never owe us if we don’t make a success of your case.

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Types of Texting While Driving Accidents

Texting while driving is the cause of many different types of car accidents. The split-second effects of distracted driving can lead to serious or even permanent personal injuries. Texting while driving causes a driver to take attention away from the road to focus on the cell phone. This negligent action is absolutely high risk.

Among the most common driving accidents caused by a distracted driver who is texting and driving in Alabama are the following:

  • Front- and rear-end car accidents
  • Sideswipes
  • Running a red light
  • Failure to stop in time
  • Driving into oncoming traffic
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Delayed responses to changing road conditions

Compiling Evidence For Texting and Driving Accidents

These days, there are now several ways to prove that a driver was distracted or texting at the time of the crash. Our legal team knows what form of evidence to collect and how to use it to build a solid case of distracted driving connected to texting. 

We can use the following crucial evidence to establish texting while driving cases:

  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Police reports
  • Photos or video
  • Proof of cell phone and social media use

Additionally, specific evidence that shows another driver was texting or using a cell phone may not be required to prove distracted driving if that person caused your car accident because of a traffic law violation. The traffic violation itself could be sufficient to prove liability and open the way for you to receive compensation.

Our law firm can also work to accumulate medical evidence establishing the degree of your damages after your car accident. Compensation from an insurance company for medical bills related to your personal injuries and medical disabilities can require the assessment of medical professionals. We know how to obtain medical records and use them to establish the severity of your pain and impairment for a strong case.

Compensation You May Qualify to Receive For a Texting Car Collision

It is difficult to imagine why anyone would deliberately choose to take a risk that multiplies the risk of a car accident by 6 times more the same chances while driving under the influence of alcohol. Yet, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving is just that dangerous. 

Texting while driving accidents are usually collisions which the at-fault drivers could have prevented. Thus, the negligent at-fault driver can be held responsible for compensating for any injuries and damages his or her negligence caused as the result of a distracted driving car accident. 

The following are some damages that Norris Injury Lawyers can help clients obtain in Alabama:

  • Costs for emergency treatment of personal injuries
  • Medical bills and surgery expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Therapy expenses (physical and otherwise)
  •  Equipment needed for recuperation or because of an altered lifestyle caused by the accident
  • Lost income and future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle or property damage
  • Compensation for lost or reduced wages if the victim cannot return to work or must change jobs

Please contact us to speak to a personal injury lawyer with our local Alabama team. We can help you determine what costs related to your accident you may be able to have covered by compensation. 

How Norris Injury Lawyers Helps the Victims of Alabama

The team at Norris Injury Lawyers, serving the citizens of Alabama, knows that an accident can be traumatic when it occurs and that it can continue to bring anxiety for a long time afterward. Your frustration and anger can be especially heightened mentally and emotionally when you realize that the cause of your pain could have been avoided by the guilty party. If only he or she had chosen to be more careful.

An accident lawyer with our law firm would like to help you in your recovery as much as possible. When we take on your case, we can handle the challenging conversations, interactions, timetables, and paperwork on your behalf. All the while, you can focus on recuperating physically and emotionally with peace of mind.

Please reach out to the experienced texting and driving accident lawyer team with Norris Injury Lawyers in Alabama. When our law firm takes on your case, there is no need to pay us anything until we get you the compensation you deserve. 

You can contact Norris Injury Lawyers at (800) 477-7510 or by filling out the free online form. You can talk to us at no cost, and there are never any obligations connected with your initial free consultation. You are free to talk to us and find out your legal options first before deciding whether to work with us.