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Defective Consumer Products

Birmingham Alabama Defective Consumer Product Attorneys

When vehicles, mechanical equipment, buildings, and commercial or consumer products are improperly designed, lack proper safety warnings, or are badly manufactured, they can cause severe injuries—or even death. If a defective consumer product harmed you, you shouldn’t have to pay for a big corporation’s negligence. At Norris Injury Lawyers, our extensive network of Alabama product liability attorneys are ready to fight for you.

Our law firm has perfected our methods and alliances over more than 40 years, so our lawyers have the knowledge and resources to help recover the full amount of financial compensation you’re owed for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and more.

And with our No Fee Guarantee® legal services, you won’t owe us any attorney’s fees unless you win or settle your product liability claim. You’re not alone—our defective product lawyers are available to help now. Call (800) 477-7510 or complete our free initial consultation form to talk to our 24/7 personal injury legal staff.

Defective Consumer Product Cases We Handle

Whether the product that harmed you or killed your loved one was a consumer product off store shelves, a medical device implanted by a surgeon, a poorly designed vehicle, or dangerous piece of industrial equipment, the experienced team at Norris Injury Lawyers is here to help. Contact us in Birmingham AL, for help with your personal injury or product liability case for a free consultation.



Some of the Alabama product liability cases our liability attorneys handle include:

  • Asbestos
    A fire- and chemical-resistant mineral with conductive properties, asbestos is used in a variety of manufacturing processes, home products, and building materials. But exposure to asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma—an aggressive cancer—and other chronic illnesses.
  • SUV Rollover Accidents
    With a higher center of gravity than smaller cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) can put drivers and their passengers at risk of a rollover accident resulting in serious injury or even death to them or a loved one.
  • Talc Ovarian Cancer
    Facial and body powder products, such as talcum powder, often contain talc to absorb moisture and reduce chafing against skin. But when talc-based powder products are used for feminine hygiene, they may increase may increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

Get Help With Your Defective Product Lawsuit

There are unforgiving, strict deadlines to file defective product lawsuits. Don’t wait to get the help you need from a Alabama defective product attorney. Contact the product liability attorneys at Norris Injury Lawyers and help protect your rights to compensation. Call (800) 477-7510 or complete our free consultation form to get started with your claim now.