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You may be entitled to financial compensation if a semi-truck has rear-ended you. However, there is no telling how much a rear-end truck accident claim may be worth.

You may seek compensation if you need help covering injuries and property damage repair. A truck accident attorney may guide you through your legal options.

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Possible Semi-Truck Accident Settlement

If another party is proven liable for your losses, you may be entitled to a settlement in the future.

A possible semi-truck settlement may be granted to injured victims with medical records to support their claims. Claimants without supporting evidence may not receive compensation.

While personal injury claims encompass physical and mental health, you must provide the necessary documentation. A police report and on-site footage of the truck crash may prove helpful.

An 18-wheeler accident resulting in extensive injuries may be easier to prove than other vehicular collisions. However, not all who are liable may be compliant in settling claims.

Truck accident claims may sometimes be less cut and dry. You may encounter negligent parties who deflect liability. 

You may initiate a truck accident lawsuit against parties denying responsibility. However, you should be familiar with all factors that go into the case.

You may also enlist the help of a professional to guide you.

Rear-Ended By a Commercial Truck Settlement in Alabama

A commercial truck accident settlement varies depending on everything involved, including you. Your experience matters:

  • How did you get involved in the rear-end accident?
  • How are you involved in the accident?
  • Have you ever been involved in other truck accident cases?
  • Have you ever been involved in other rear-end collisions?
  • Did you play a role in causing the accident?
  • Have you ever been tried for criminal negligence?
  • Do medical records support your personal injury claims?
  • How much of your medical bills do you want to be compensated for? 
  • Are you affiliated with an insurance company?

There are so many questions involved in building a particular case. Litigants may evaluate you, your vehicle, and your history under a microscope.

You must also file personal Injury Claims in Alabama within the relevant statute of limitations.

Under Alabama Code: Title 6, Chapter 2, Section 38 (AB SEC: 6-2-38: Limitation on Time for Commencement of Action):

You must file claims for personal injuries and/or wrongful deaths within two years of liable action/s.

Courts may not accept anything past the statute of limitation. However, there are extenuating circumstances to the matter, should medical records prove injuries arise from initial harm incurred in the accident.

It is a lot to remember without the help of an experienced truck accident attorney

Average Semi-Truck Accident Claim

The average settlement for truck accidents ranges from thousands of dollars between cases. You may gain better insight by knowing the average costs of injuries and damages incurred in the accident.

Medical bills may cost injured victims scrapes, lacerations, bumps, bruises, fractures, and sensory impairment. However, serious injuries are more costly to remedy.

A broken bone may require physical therapy and treatment medication. Repairing bones may cost long-term expenses on top of everything you have already spent.

Health insurance may help with medical care but may only partially cover them. Depending on the insurance company and the policy you attained, there may be limiting factors to your payout.

You may be entitled to full and fair compensation from those liable for your injuries. Immediately calling a truck accident attorney may help you stay on top of things and secure compensation from multiple outlets.

There are no promises nor guarantees anyone can make regarding settlements. However, proving negligence is one way to support your claims.

Is the Truck Driver at fault?

Do you suspect the driver is “at fault?” There are traffic laws regarding liability that you may use in your claim.

Negligent driving is one thing. Operating an 18-wheeler with negligent behavior is another thing. It may help your case if the police report, on-site BAC test, and other records support your suspicions.

Commercial motor vehicles such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailers must abide by stricter policies. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implements narrower conditions for drivers operating semi-trucks.

Federal and State Laws also impose harsher consequences on commercial drivers than on non-professionals. There are various ordinances to ensure public road safety all over America.

Still, there are no guarantees on the road. By paying attention to the actions of others we share roadways with, we may avoid truck accidents and lawsuits that may follow.

The most common type of negligence often overlooked by drivers is Distracted Driving.

Under Alabama Code: Title 32, Chapter 5A, Section 350 (AC SEC: 32-5A-350: Motor Vehicles and Traffic; Prohibited Activities, Fines, Activities)

Drivers must not use wireless telecommunication devices on roadways.

Luckily, time stamps may be proven through their cell provider using a subpoena. Drivers failing to abide by these rules may be considered liable for the car accident and their injuries.

Does the trucking company Share liability?

Negligent behavior may extend past the truck driver. Trucking companies may share liability if they are guilty of negligence.

The negligent hiring of individuals not qualified to drive semi-trucks and tractor-trailers may put their company in the middle of truck accident cases. They may be prepared with internal legal departments to handle the case for them.

Trucking companies can settle out of court. You may receive fair compensation for your injuries and more. However, it isn’t always easy.

Filing claims against companies may be more challenging than against other individuals. 

Companies have legal departments to handle various matters. If you don’t have your own legal representatives, you may be rail-roaded by the company or their insurance company.

Car Accident Involving Commercial Truck Drivers

Being rear-ended by any other car may result in property damage. However, being rear-ended by a semi-truck may result in serious injury.

A commercial truck driver undergoes extensive training to ensure the safety of other commercial and passenger cars. Still, other factors such as mechanical failure and driver fatigue may cause accidents.

Even the most experienced truck driver can succumb to faulty brakes and tired eyes. 

Various road regulations prohibit the operation of poorly maintained vehicles on roadways. Truck drivers must also abide by regulated work hours to avoid driver fatigue.

While plenty of regulations are in place, being rear-ended by healthy drivers using well-maintained trucks is not unheard of and may happen to anyone.

Reach out to experienced lawyers immediately if you or your family have been injured by being rear-ended by a semi-truck or tractor-trailer.

Does a Truck Accident Settlement Involve an Insurance Company?

A trucking or insurance company will have counsel ready to deal with corporate matters, including liability.

The insurance company affiliated with the trucking company or driver may stinge on your settlement, keeping you from attaining full and fair compensation. Even your insurance company may short out on insurance payouts.

If you file truck accident claims against the trucking company, you may expect a visit from insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are representatives the insurance company sends to conduct a third-party evaluation. 

A Truck Accident Attorney in Alabama

Truck accident cases are not abundant for Alabamians, but they account for ten percent of all yearly roadway accidents. Luckily, reliable personal injury lawyers do practice in Alabama.

While there are solo practitioners and smaller firms, they may not be equipped with the workforce and resources your particular case may need to win.

You may pursue a settlement with fair compensation by gathering necessary evidence, filing immediately, and trusting the right people. 

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We do not promise our clients a settlement, but we can tell you that we won’t let you go through things alone. 

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