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In Alabama, Birmingham is the city with the largest number of traffic accidents, with 11 percent of the population being involved in a collision annually. If you or your loved ones were involved in an auto accident caused by another driver, you are likely facing property damage, medical bills, time lost from work, or even life-changing consequences.

While none of us hope to be involved in a car accident, you must be prepared in the event that one occurs. If you are caught off guard, you may fail to gather and keep track of all of the important documentation that can result from an auto accident. The more aware you are of all of the ins and outs of accident personal injury cases, though, the better prepared you will be to seek the compensation you deserve.

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we have helped many auto accident victims throughout our 40+ years of experience. We pride ourselves on our record of successful outcomes, and we want to help you reach yours as well. Call us anytime, 24/7 to get started with your case, at (800) 477-7510.

Immediately After Your Accident

If you or your loved one has been involved in a Birmingham car accident, you well know what a disorienting and overwhelming experience it can be. You likely want to move on as quickly as possible and forget the accident ever happened. However, there are some important things you need to do in the immediate aftermath of an auto accident that can make a significant difference when it comes to your financial recovery.

For example, some of the key information that your attorney will need should be collected right at the scene of the crash. Most people think of the other driver’s insurance and contact information, but it can be easy to overlook witnesses or police badge numbers on the chaotic post-accident scene. Collecting as much information at this stage, though, can make a big difference down the line when you are pursuing your claim with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Here are a few important pieces of information to get a record of while still at the site of the accident, if you are physically able to do so:

  • Witness names and contact information
  • License plate numbers of any vehicles involved or in the vicinity
  • Photos of physical damage and the scene conditions
  • Police report information

Keep in mind that even at this stage it’s important not to admit any fault when giving your account of events to the police. However, if you suspect the other driver of being distracted or under the influence, you should make your concerns known to the police officers when you speak to them.

Documents to Save for the Future

In all the upheaval that an accident may cause, it can be easy to misplace or fail to save documents related to the crash or your injuries. While we are used to many things being available online or saved in the cloud nowadays, it is advisable to keep detailed records, whether in digital or paper form. Having proof of your losses and expenses, for example, is the best way to help ensure that you can be compensated for them.

For example, from your very first doctor’s visit after the accident, whether you get there by ambulance or you go to see a doctor immediately after of your own volition, be aware of the records being generated by your visit. Be sure to collect any medical bills, receipts of copays, photos of your injuries, x-ray and MRI results, as well as prescriptions and receipts. If the doctor makes notes for you to submit to your employer, we want a copy of them as well.

Another type of document that many people disregard when it comes to car accident-related documents is your pay stubs. Hold on to these from the time when you were recovering from your accident. They are likely lower than your normal wages, and keeping the records of your recent paychecks can help your lawyer prove how much you are owed in lost wages. Insurance companies may send offers or documentation to try and reach a settlement.

Remember, it’s better to keep too many documents rather than too few in regard to a legal case. However, you don’t need to deal with these things alone! A personal injury lawyer can help you to sift through the paperwork or the files on the cloud to determine what is truly important in your case. At Norris Injury Lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama, we have helped clients who were once in your shoes, and we do our best to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Compensation Your Lawyer May Help You Recover

Many personal injury lawsuits aim to recover the same kinds of compensation, namely – medical expenses, property damage, and lost earnings. However, there can be more elements at play in auto accidents. Maybe you had to rent a car while your car was out of commission, your cell phone or computer were damaged during the accident, or you even need long-term rehabilitative medical care. Can you recover these types of expenses?

The short answer is yes, you can recover these. Not only should an insurance or legal claim settlement include obvious expenses such as medical bills and car repair costs, but also out-of-pocket and future expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses include anything you had to pay for in connection to your wreck. For example, suppose you had to take a taxi home from the scene of the accident or replace any work equipment that was damaged inside your car.

In some cases, car accident victims are not able to return to work immediately. They may face months or years of expensive rehabilitation and therapy before they come close to feeling “normal” again. When these expenses were created as a direct result of an accident caused by another person’s behavior, that individual may be held liable for the damage caused.

Norris Alabama car accident lawyers fight for the rights of injured victims every day, defending people like you from insurance companies’ lowball offers and going all the way to court if necessary. Please don’t feel that your case isn’t worthy of a personal injury lawyer’s time – we provide free initial consultations and stand by our No Fee Guarantee® to the end. In other words, you don’t owe us a dime unless we get you money.

Birmingham Auto Accident Aftermath Top Tips

In the seconds, minutes, and hours following a car crash caused by another driver, you might feel confused, overwhelmed, scared, and in pain. However, keeping as much composure as possible can help you to think clearly and set yourself up for a successful resolution to an insurance claim or legal case in the future. Following the law, notifying the police, seeking medical care, and gathering all of the information available to you is a great first step. Still, there is more you can do to help your case.

In our more than 40 years of experience, we at Norris Injury Lawyers have learned how to increase the chances of success in car accident claims. We want to share them with each and every Birmingham driver in the event of a car accident.

Following these steps can help you in your future recovery:

  1. Get prompt medical attention and keep medical records and receipts
  2. Obtain contact information from other drivers and witnesses at the scene, capturing photo and video evidence if possible
  3. Write down details about what happened as soon as you can
  4. Call an experienced law firm to help you maximize your chances of financial recovery.

It may be daunting to face this unexpected and scary situation, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Remember, the compassionate staff at Norris Injury Lawyers are standing by to take your call.

Norris Injury Lawyers Are Here for You

Auto accidents in Birmingham happen every day, and we want you to be prepared in the event that you have to recover from one. Fighting the insurance company and trying to heal physically, emotionally, and financially at the same time can feel impossible. That’s where we come in.

Norris Injury Lawyers is an Alabama law firm that believes everyone should have access to experienced legal services after an injury or accident – regardless of his or her financial status. That’s why our personal injury attorneys offer free consultations and our No Fee Guarantee®. You don’t owe us anything unless we recover money for you.

Remember that part of a successful resolution to a car accident legal case involves proving the expenses incurred with documentation. Keep your medical bills, receipts, mechanic cost printouts, pay stubs, doctor’s notes, photos, and anything else related to your Birmingham car accident. Then, contact the Alabama accident attorneys at Norris Injury Lawyers and schedule a free consultation today by dialing (800) 477-7510 or filling out a free online form.