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We’ve all seen those courtroom dramas on TV with twists and turns, witnesses breaking down on the stand, and the judge banging the gavel to hold someone in contempt. If that’s what you’re expecting from your personal injury case, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Many personal injury claims are settled outside of court, which is what we will attempt to do with your case. However, our team of personal injury lawyers aren’t afraid to take your case to court should that be the best option.

Our goal as your law firm is to get you the highest compensation possible in the least amount of time. We do that by thoroughly investigating your case to determine how much money you deserve for your injuries. Then we negotiate with the insurance company to secure that amount of money on your behalf. If the insurance company plays fair, then we’ll settle without having to go to court. If they decide to play hardball, we’ll gladly step up to the plate and take the fight to the courtroom.

Even if we settle outside of court, the personal injury claim process takes time, and that process runs concurrently with your recovery. Without an attorney on your side, you’ll be forced to deal with the insurance company while you’re trying to heal from your injuries. That’s a distraction you don’t need. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call our Alabama car accident attorneys today. We’ll handle your claim on your behalf so that all you have to worry about is getting better.