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Everybody makes mistakes. It’s part of being human. Most of those offenses are forgivable and, given the chance, most folks are ready to let bygones be bygones at the end of the day. Over the years, we’ve seen victims and at-fault drivers shake hands outside courtrooms. However, civility becomes much harder in a wrongful death suit.

The name alone tells you why. By definition, “wrongful death” suggests that a human life was ended by a wrongful or negligent act. There’s no greater offense against an individual than taking their life, but a wrongful death case impacts more than just the victim. The surviving family for instance is left wondering how they’re going to cope with the loss of their loved one and the potential that loved one had. Grieving their loss is just the beginning. How are you going to raise your children alone or make ends meet with only one income? These are questions an experienced wrongful death attorney can help you answer.

The wrongful death attorneys at Norris Injury Lawyers take a compassionate but firm approach to every case they handle. Although we can’t grasp the pain you must be feeling over your loved one’s death, we do know what you and your family will need financially moving forward and we want to help you secure it. The first step to moving on is getting the justice your lost loved one deserves. Give our experienced Alabama wrongful death attorneys a call today for a free consultation.