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Head-On Collision Accident

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According to one source, a car crash occurred in Alabama about every 3 minutes in 2019. As you can see, car accidents happen frequently in our state, but one rare type among them is a head-on collision. While it can be distressing to be involved in a car accident, suffering a head-on collision can be traumatic. The injuries that result from head-on collisions tend to be catastrophic.

If you or your loved one has suffered a life-changing personal injury from a head-on collision, Call the law firm of Norris Injury Lawyers at 800-477-7510 for a free consultation. We know how to investigate and aggressively pursue compensation. The assistance provided by a car accident lawyer with our law firm will help to lessen your anxiety and stress.

Some Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Although there are several causes that can trigger a head-on crash, the most common cause is driver negligence. This can be seen from the following list which highlights the most common causes of head-on collisions.


One of the most frequent causes of vehicles involved in head-on collisions is driving while under the influence. In fact, 246 people in Alabama were killed in 2018 due to a driver being impaired by alcohol.

A driver under the influence has his or her thinking ability clouded. This can easily result in his or her car veering into oncoming traffic.


There are several factors that contribute to driving while drowsy, such as shift work, medications, and certain illnesses. Truck drivers are especially affected by drowsy driving since they often try to cover long distances quickly in an effort to meet deadlines. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 100,000 accidents are caused by driver fatigue every year.


Frequently, people drive while distracted. This includes using a cellphone, eating or drinking, putting on makeup, engaging with passengers, or just daydreaming.

Every day, about 1,000 people are injured in accidents involving a distracted driver. In Alabama, in 2016, 10 percent of all fatal car accidents involved a teen driver who was distracted at the time of the crash.


Driving recklessly includes such things as speeding, running red lights, and failing to yield. Another type of reckless driving, which is a leading cause of vehicles involved in head-on collisions, is improper passing. Negligence is shown when a driver ignores no-passing signs and tries to pass or miscalculates the speed or distance of oncoming traffic.


Rain, snow, and sleet, can create hazardous road conditions, which can cause a driver to hydroplane into oncoming traffic. Additionally, a failure of the state to maintain roads can lead to potholes and cracks in the road. In order to avoid these hazards, a driver may weave out of the lane, causing a head-on crash.

There are other factors that may be the cause of a head-on collision car wreck. Perhaps a defective car part caused the crash. If so, the manufacturer could possibly be found also liable.

That is why it’s so important to speak to a car accident lawyer with our law firm before agreeing to a settlement from insurance companies if you or your loved one has been involved in a head-on collision. An experienced car accident lawyer with our law firm will pursue all at-fault parties to make sure that you are fully compensated for your losses.

Common Injuries Sustained From Head-On Collisions

Car accidents in general tend to result in injuries that range from mild to severe. However, due to the extreme force of head-on collisions, the injuries that result tend to be catastrophic.

Some common injuries from head-on collisions include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Victims who suffer TBIs require immediate medical attention since brain injuries can prove to be fatal
  • Spinal cord injuries: Damage to the spinal cord can result in paralysis or even death
  • Internal injuries: In a head-on collision, a victim may experience internal bleeding, or his or her organs can be crushed or ruptured by broken bones
  • Loss of limbs: A victim’s arms or legs can be crushed or trapped which would result in amputation
  • Wrongful death: Sadly, head-on collisions result in the death of innocent victims far too often

If you or your loved one has suffered injuries from a head-on collision car wreck, remember that you have rights. Our personal injury law firm has decades of experience in successfully getting fair compensation for victims. We can help you too.

Compensation You May Receive

It only makes sense for personal injury victims to be compensated for damages and losses by the negligent driver or his or her insurance. Compensation may include economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Present and long-term expenses for medical attention
  • Present and long-term lost wages
  • Household renovation for disability
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Compensation for wrongful death

A Car Accident Lawyer With Our Law Firm Can Help You With Your Claim

According to one source, Alabama has the second-highest rate of fatal car crashes in the nation, which includes head-on collisions. The injuries that result from a head-on collision are usually life-changing. If this has happened to you or your loved one, don’t suffer alone. An experienced personal injury lawyer with our law firm can fight for you while you focus on healing.

Insurance companies are notorious for offering low amounts to victims in an effort to settle the claim quickly. Don’t settle for the low amounts an insurance company may offer you. A car accident lawyer at the law firm of Norris Injury Lawyers will fight to get you fair compensation. Even if that means filing a lawsuit to receive compensation for losses beyond what an insurance company might cover after an accident.

Call our law firm at 800-477-7510 for a free consultation. We know how to investigate and aggressively pursue compensation for any car crash – including head-on collisions.