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Shelby County is one of the quickest-growing counties in Alabama. Keeping up with this trend, the population of Chelsea, AL, rose from 906 in 1996 to over 14,000 inhabitants by 2019.

All expanding populations need support to flourish. Along with doctors and teachers, city residents also need attorneys with experience and a reputation for successful outcomes. Norris Injury Lawyers is here to provide essential legal services to contribute to the wellbeing of Chelsea residents.

If you were injured in Alabama, you need legal advice. To find out what you deserve and how you can get it, call Norris Injury Lawyers at (800) 477-7510. Our telephone lines are always open, and the call is free.

Understanding Your Rights Under Alabama Law

When an individual (or company) causes preventable injury to another person’s body or mind, the victim has the right to pursue personal injury damages. Damages are usually financial compensation for the victim’s losses, though the liable party might also face fines, criminal charges, and other consequences for their behavior.

Many personal injury cases are settled out of court. For instance, our capable lawyers investigate accidents to determine whether damages resulted from someone’s negligent conduct. When presented with the evidence, the responsible party might prefer to settle matters to avoid the time and costs of a trial.

Yet, you should not assume that a quick settlement is fair. Liable parties and their insurance companies could be highly motivated to get you to take a low offer to keep more money in their own pockets. Why not consult with an accident attorney first by starting a conversation in the chat box below or calling our legal team at (800) 477-7510 for a free consultation?

How Norris Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

An experienced lawyer on our team can advise you on avoiding accepting a bad offer. During your consultation, you can find out what type of compensation you qualify to receive, such as:

  • Property repair or replacement: Did your car get damaged or even totaled in a motor vehicle accident? The person responsible for the accident is liable for fixing it or replacing it, and usually this is done by means of his or her insurer. Your attorney can give you more details on how to file a claim and get financial compensation for property damage.
  • Medical bills: In the United States, medical treatment is expensive. Personal injury lawyers help you to get maximum compensation for hospital bills, including emergency transport and aftercare. If your injuries require ongoing medical attention, you might be eligible for these future expenses.
  • Lost income: Though doctor’s appointments and recovery time are essential, missing work to accommodate these necessities can make it hard to make ends meet. Our lawyers aim to recover your lost wages as soon as possible so you can focus on your health. If you were permanently disabled, our competent legal team can seek money for loss of earning potential.
  • Pain and suffering: Accidents are often traumatic, resulting in long-lasting physical pain and mental anguish. Alabama law allows victims to seek compensation for the detrimental effects of pain on their emotions and mental state.
  • Wrongful death expenses: It always hurts to lose the ones you love, but a sudden, preventable loss can feel even worse. Wrongful death damages cannot change what happened, but they can lift the financial burden that a dignified funeral service can create. We encourage you to get in touch with a compassionate team member to learn whether you meet the requirements to be compensated for the loss of your deceased family member’s financial support.

Contact Us For Your Legal Needs in Alabama

At Norris Injury Lawyers, we provide legal services for many types of personal injury cases. Please contact us if you need help in the following practice areas, or to ask about another type that is not listed here.

Motor vehicle accidents

Staying safe on the road is likely a major concern for every family in Chelsea. Our attorneys research the causes behind auto accidents in Alabama, which may be:

  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • The influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Negligent or reckless behaviors (e.g. speeding, racing, weaving between traffic)

If you are an injured pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorist, reach out to our team today to tell us about your auto accident. The personal injury compensation you win could help you to pay medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other qualifying expenses.

Work injuries

Getting hurt at work can be particularly devastating since your health and ability to make a living may be affected. In Alabama, workers’ compensation insurance can help cover medical expenses and lost wages for employees. Yet, mistakes in paperwork or uncooperative employers can make getting your benefits a real challenge.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to help. We can walk you through applying for workers’ compensation to avoid unnecessary delays. And if your claim was denied, we can help you appeal the decision.

What about if you were injured in a longshore or maritime accident? We have partnered with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers to pursue your rights if you get hurt while working in this industry.

Premises liability accidents

Premises liability accidents occur on someone else’s property. Land and property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises as safe as possible for others. When they neglect their duties, they may be held accountable for accidents.

Common premises liability injuries may involve:

Other personal injury cases

A great way to learn what kind of case you can file is by sending us a message. You can tell us about your experiences with any type of personal injury case you may have.

We also work with:

Get Started Now

In Alabama, you have a specific amount of time to take legal action after a personal injury accident. Past the set date of the statute of limitations, you lose your right to claim compensation even if you would have otherwise qualified. So please come talk to us at Norris Injury Lawyers before it’s too late.

We want to see you get the justice you deserve, and our attorneys know how to get results. All you have to do to get started on your case is call (800) 477-7510 to have your case reviewed. We look forward to hearing from you today!