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Decatur in Alabama, also known as the River City, is in the North Central area of Alabama by the banks of Wheeler Lake and alongside the one and only Tennessee River. Decatur is the largest city, also the county seat, of Morgan County and brings forth a population of about 55,000 people. The city is also the smallest city in the Huntsville-Decatur Statistical Area.

Founded in 1821, Decatur’s success was once based on its closeness to the river and the railroad system. The rail line and boating paths pushed it to the limelight of North Alabama’s economic state at the time. Decatur city now finds its economy primarily based on production, cargo, transportation, and hi-tech industries, some of those being General Electric. The company GE is also the highest rank employer in the city of Decatur. Tourism is a huge draw for Decatur based on dozens of festivals and events are hosted throughout the year.

As in common with many busy cities—particularly those that are big on tourism and industries, personal injury incidents occur in the city of Decatur quite commonly. Lots of personal injury incidents arise from situations that are quite common to any city, those of which include but aren’t limited to, auto accidents, worker’s compensation, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bite injuries, premises liability accidents, and a variety of other types of personal injury accidents. Some personal injury accidents are more unique to the city, which include accidents that relate to specific Decatur events and festivals, including the yearly hot air balloon race which increases the city’s tourist population to higher than 100,000 people.

Decatur personal injury attorneys here at Norris Injury Lawyers are a small drive from the city Decatur. Our Lawyers regularly help those who have been hurt through someone else’s negligence in Decatur and the surrounding areas. Norris Injury Lawyers, Decatur personal injury attorneys that serve Alabama citizens have handled lots of cases in the Circuit Courts of Morgan County, in Alabama, and we can help you with your specific case.

Getting You Compensation for Your Injuries

Dependent on the credibility and nature of your case, you might be entitled to compensation for things like lost wages, medical treatment bills, pain and suffering, physical/mental/emotional distress, permanent and/or temporary scarring and disfigurement, and several more. Please do take note that it is very important that you seek medical attention first hand before you go out and do anything else. This being, of course, for your own well being and safety, but it is also to make sure that you have suitable documentation for your Decatur Alabama personal injury lawyer when it comes down to filing a claim. If you don’t have this documentation, your lawyer will have a much more difficult time trying to recover damages on your behalf. It’s also crucial that you remain in contact with your medical professional if you keep having  medical issues pertaining to your accident.

Time is Crucial in Decatur Personal Injury Claims

It is greatly important that you move very quickly when hiring a lawyer after you have received a personal injury in the city of Decatur through someone else’s negligence. First, crucial evidence is only fresh following right after the accident took place and needs to be inspected by an attorney as quickly as possible. The contending side will start to work right away, so it remains critical you do so also. Second, the witnesses to the accident will, or the people with information about the incident will likely forget main details pertaining to the situation, which makes it much more challenging for your Decatur injury attorney to put together the numbers of events leading up to your accident. Additionally, like all other states, Alabama, has very strict timelines in relation to when a lawsuit must be filed. These deadlines are also known as the statutes of limitations. If it so happens that a lawsuit is filed particularly after the applicable statute of limitations expires, then the personal injury case will likely be rejected immediately by the court that is overseeing the case.

Professional Experience Matters

Our experienced injury lawyers here at Norris Injury Lawyers that serve Decatur can help guide you through each and every step of your own personal injury claim. Our attorneys invest a vast amount of time and money into each of our cases to ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. Our commitment to every single personal injury case contains, using our own expert investigators, as well as some outside consultants and professionals, to make certain your case is completely and thoroughly inspected and prepared for trial. Reach out to the Decatur personal injury lawyers for a FREE consultation. You can call us at (800) 477-7510. Norris Injury Lawyers only handle cases on what is known as a contingency fee basis, thus meaning if we don’t win money for you, then we do not get paid.