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Jasper, located in the Northwest part of Alabama on Highway 22, and is a retail and growing industrial center that brings about a population of around 15,000 citizens. Jasper is the county seat of Walker County and is a brief drive from Birmingham Alabama. The city of Jasper was once numbered as the world’s leading manufacturer of coal. The density of the population is 533.5 people per square mile with about 5,800 households.

Due to Jasper’s proximity to natural resources, some of which are Smith Lake, The Bankhead National Forest as well as the Warrior River, and an ongoing remodel of the Jasper Parks and Recreation Programs, the city of Jasper has a lot to offer. In addition, the city of Jasper has several places on the National Historic Register, those of which include John Hollis Bankhead House, The First United Methodist Church, The Jasper Downtown Historic District and as well as Walker County Hospital.

Boasting one of the most top-ranked school systems in the state of  Alabama, the students of the city of Jasper are served by these five schools: T.R. Simmons Elementary (preK through 1st grade), The Memorial Park Elementary (grades 2 through 3), Jasper Junior High School (grades 7 through 8), Jasper High School (grades 9 through 12) and The North Highlands for the Disabled.

Just like other Alabamians, the citizens of Jasper are not free from personal injury incidents, those of which include auto accidents, workplace injuries, construction accidents, premises liability incidents, bicycle accidents, as well as many other types of personal injury accidents. Here at Norris Injury Lawyers our Jasper personal injury attorneys always represent the great citizens of Walker County and Jasper who have been hurt by another person’s actions and at no fault of their own. Here at Norris Injury Lawyers our attorneys have taken on many cases in the Walker County Circuit Court and are ready and willing to help you receive the compensation you deserve with your own personal injury claim. You can call us at (800) 477-5710 for a FREE  private consultation.

Time is Absolutely of the Essence

If a loved one or yourself has sustained a personal injury from an accident, and are considering all of your legal options, it’s extremely critical that you act as fast as you can and contact an Jasper accident attorney. Here are just a few reasons that you should reach out to a lawyer as quickly as possible:

  • Crucial evidence is only new and fresh immediately following the accident and it needs to be collected and investigated by a lawyer quickly. You can be sure that the insurance company for the party that is responsible will begin gathering and inspecting evidence right after an accident, so you should make sure you have a lawyer that is doing the same for you.
  • When time passes on, witnesses and individuals that are key to your accident, that hold important knowledge or information in regards to the incident will most likely forget almost all of the details, making it very difficult for your lawyer to put together the events and circumstances that are associated with your specific incident. Also, your own memory pertaining to the accident will fade as well, in the end making it even more challenging to prove your claim is viable. Our Jasper personal injury attorney here at Norris Injury Lawyers will immediately reach out to witnesses and collect evidence upon being hired as your attorney.
  • All states, including Alabama, have very strict timelines in regards to when a lawsuit needs to be filed. These are deadlines which are specified as statutes of limitations. When you file a lawsuit after the statutes of limitations expire, it will result in your personal injury case being rejected immediately.

Jasper Personal Injury Compensation

Relying upon the type of injuries you sustain and the credibility of your case, you will most likely be entitled to damages and compensation in regards to the lost wages, pain and suffering you’ve endured, medical bills that pile up, emotional distress, temporary or permanent disfigurement and much more. Although, in order to get the most for your recovery, as well as primarily for your own well being, you should seek medical attention right away following an incident. It is very important not to make the error of thinking that the injuries will clear up or go away on their own. Additionally, in order for your lawyer to have the greatest chance of assisting you in your recovery process, proper and completely finished medical documentation is necessary. Without any documentation, your lawyer will have a very challenging time recovering the damages on your behalf. It’s also crucial, for both your well being and your case, to continue to maintain contact with your medical professional regarding your condition.

Jasper Personal Injury Lawyers

Results are Significant

The experienced Norris Injury Lawyers serving Jasper to help you through every step of the way in your personal injury case. With our combined legal experience being over 100 years, we are well equipped in the complexity of personal injury law here in Alabama. Also, we invest a substantial amount of time, finances and resources into every single one of our cases to ensure you collect the compensation you are entitled to. Call the Jasper accident and personal injury attorneys here at Norris Injury Lawyers at (800) 477-5710 for a FREE consultation today.