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Guntersville, AL, has a well-deserved reputation for being an area where people can relax and enjoy a peaceful environment. Regrettably, though, the inattention, irresponsibility, or even simple human error of another driver can ruin the tranquility of life in Guntersville. These factors are often at the root of serious car accidents that cause personal injury.
A severe car accident can create intense pain, emotional distress, wrongful death, and permanent life-altering changes. Consequently, if you are a victim of an auto accident because of someone else’s negligent conduct, you can feel burdened by tremendous stress and pressure.
If you have been injured in a car accident in Guntersville, Marshall County, we would like to help you. Please reach out to a car accident attorney with Norris Injury Lawyers. When we take on a case, rest assured that you do not pay us any money until we attain for you the restitution you require.
You can contact us 24-7 at (800) 477-7510 or by filling out our online form. Our first conversation with you has no cost, and there are no obligations connected to your free consultation.

Establishing the Cause of the Accident

As a cautious driver in Guntersville, AL, you realize that your safety and that of your passengers are due in part to your diligence and the other drivers’ attentiveness around you. The challenge is, though, that you cannot control others’ actions. When you see a dangerous driver around you, no doubt you do your best to create plenty of distance from that vehicle.
Yet, a sudden careless act can happen without any warning. It could also be that a dangerous and unsafe road condition was hard to see and could not be anticipated.
These and similar circumstances could constitute negligence from a legal standpoint. An attorney from our team can help make sure that the cause of your accident or the resulting wrongful death is legally established.
In nearly all car accidents, an act of negligence sets in motion the events leading to a personal injury. Often, negligence involves:

  • Use of a cell phone while driving
  • Failure to heed a stop sign or red light
  • Driving with reduced attention, perhaps due to a distraction
  • Failure to allow sufficient and safe distance between cars
  • Driving at a speed that is unsafe for the road conditions
  • Speeding past the posted speed limit
  • Operating the vehicle while influenced by drugs and, or alcohol (DUI/DWI)
  • Failure to adhere to the rules of right-of-way
  • Operating an improperly maintained or defective vehicle
  • Loss of control of the vehicle
  • Design defects in the vehicle

This list does not encompass every type of negligence that can result in a car accident in Guntersville, Alabama. An attorney with Norris Injury Lawyers can help you connect the dots of your accident and determine how negligence played a factor.

Compensation Norris Injury Lawyers Can Help You Secure

The statistics of car accidents in the US are startling. Car crashes occur as often as once per minute, according to available data. Car accidents have likewise disrupted the peace of Guntersville. In one recent year’s study, fatal car accidents in Guntersville once a month, on average.
The resulting serious injuries, wrongful death, and other related effects have costs physically, emotionally, mentally, and economically. It is thus imperative that anyone suffering after an accident receive the monetary compensation that he or she requires to recover as much as possible.
The above remains true even when the car accident is minor in nature. We can be grateful, under such circumstances, that there are no devastating injuries or loss of life. Nonetheless, even minor accidents can create disruptions and inconveniences in our life that require economic restitution. For instance, you could be compensated for lost or reduced work, or for damage to your vehicle.
Listed below are common damages that an attorney from our team can help clients in Guntersville obtain:

  • Medical bills
  • Additional costs for treatment of personal injuries
  • Surgery bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Therapy expenses
  • Equipment that is necessary during recuperation or because of lifestyle modifications due to injuries from the accident
  • Lost wages and future income earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Compensation if the victim cannot return to work

Please contact a personal injury lawyer with Norris Injury Lawyers. A car accident attorney can analyze with you the details of your accident and injuries. This way, an attorney from our office can make certain of the type of compensation you are eligible for and the amount you may be entitled to receive.
Additionally, an attorney with our team can negotiate with the insurance companies connected to your claim. After an accident, insurance companies can be resistant to assist victims and try to underpay their settlements. This worry, though, is something that your experienced attorney can handle while you rest and recover.

The Law Firm of Norris Injury Lawyers Are Committed to Attaining Justice For Citizens of Guntersville

Accidents are, unfortunately, a part of life, which is true in beautiful Marshall County, Alabama, just as they are elsewhere. However, a careless attitude or derelict behavior that results in intense injury in a car accident is a serious mistake.
Negligence is very serious from a legal standpoint. Whether a minor car accident or a severe collision, you may face challenges in getting the compensation you are entitled to receive.
Our legal team at Norris Injury Lawyers can aid you in your financial recovery while you concentrate on healing physically and emotionally. Our years of experience have given us the legal wisdom necessary to build a solid case for our clients. Our determination and fortitude allow us to confront and overcome obstinate insurance companies. Let us help you return your life to the peace and calm you deserve in Guntersville, Alabama.
Please contact an accident attorney with our law firm serving the victims of personal injury in Guntersville, Alabama. Contact us 24 7 by calling (800) 477-7510 or filling out our contact form. Your first consultation with us is free, and there are no commitments.